How Impel Down Level 5.5 Newkama Land was made

Question: “What is Morley-san’s power? In Chapter 538, Iva-sama said that Newkama Land was created by a “Tunnel Digging Ability User”. Does Morley-san have anything to do with this? Since giants have such long lifespans, could it be that Morley-san made it a long time ago?” P.N. Salami Meat

Oda: “Yes, exactly right. First off, Morley’s ability is the “Otsu Otsu Fruit”.

He has the power to break apart and push away various objects, be submerged underground, and create space there.

He (she) is currently 160 years old, but he used to be an extremely evil pirate who was captured more than 100 years ago where he created “that” place within Impel Down. Aside from being an ability user, he managed to break out of prison without people noticing but then he got involved in a certain “incident”. Him joining the Revolutionary Army is actually a fairly recent event.

Iva-san made use of the space that was created but he/she was the one that created the atmosphere. Although Morley was the one that made the space, Newkama Land was undoubtedly created by Iva-san. In the end, Iva-san still doesn’t know that the tunnel digging ability user is Morley.”

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