All 11 Haki Abilities in One Piece


  • 1-Domination: It can be used to temporarily dominate the psyche of others and intimidate them.
  • 2-Incapacitation: By overpowering the will of those around them to an even greater degree, a Haoshoku Haki user is capable of knocking people and animals in their vicinity unconscious.
  • 3-Destruction: If used with a sufficient degree of power, Haoshoku Haki is capable of damaging inanimate objects and structures in the user’s vicinity.
  • 4-Infusing: A very small number of particularly powerful Haoshoku Haki users, stated to only be a “handful” by Kaido, are able to “infuse” their body and weapons with their conquering spirit in a way that is very similar to Busoshoku Haki, greatly augmenting the power of their attacks.


  • 4-Perception: It can be used to sense others auras, power levels, and emotions beyond normal human sight.
  • 5-Prediction: Ability to predict opponent’s action within the users minds-eye to aid with mobility and dodging.
  • 6-Precognition: A highly advanced level of Kenbunshoku Haki allows the user to see a short period into the future; instead of just sensing what will happen by intuition, the user of this advanced level of Kenbunshoku Haki can literally see a precise mental image of what will happen in the immediate future.


  • 7-Concentration: A hardening or coating of Armament Haki making the user denser and sturdier. Also used for weapons to have the same effect.
  • 8-Circumvention: Armament Haki is able to bypass devil fruit created defenses or properties.
  • 9-Emission: Advanced Armament Haki involves channeling excess Haki from around one’s body through one’s fists. This allows the repelling of an enemy without making direct contact or using brute force.
  • 10- Internal Destruction: A step above the technique of emitting Busoshoku is using it to destroy objects from the inside, which can be done by touching, grabbing, or even emitting Haki toward the object.

*by SeoujiTheKid

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