Taz Skylar is already a perfect Sanji: look at him practicing Sanji’s kicks!

The OFFICIAL cast for the One Piece Netflix Live Action Series has recently been announced.

Among them is Taz Skylar, who’ll take on the role of Sanji, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates and the fourth member to join the crew.

Sanji is an extremely powerful master of a kick based martial art he created named the “Black Leg Style” which is a unique combination of Brazilian Capoeira, French Savate and Korean Taekwondo, able to use powerful kicks with supreme versatility. The reason he uses only his legs in fights is that he does not want to risk damaging his hands as he needs them to cook, thus instead of punches, Sanji incorporates handstands into the Black Leg Style.

To showcase what he’s been working on, Taz Skylar took to Instagram to share his hard training practicing Sanji’s kicks!

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