The Reasons why Nami is a True Shonen Heroine!

In battle shonens, a character is generally deemed strong when he can match or surpass the physical or magical power level of his opponent. But it also takes certain kinds of strength to:

Shoulder the burden of an entire village as a child.

Risk injury or death to avoid becoming what you hate.

Show vulnerability and ask for help.

Be willing to risk your health to help a stranger.

Resist temptation from god.

Show gratitude.

Choose forgiveness.

Help those in need without precondition, damn the consequences.

Face a Yonko’s army despite knowing the inevitable outcome.

Show resolve in the face of certain death.

“Luffy will never stop until he becomes King of the Pirates” was probably my favorite moment out of all of Wano so far.
Nami is not like Luffy, Zoro or Sanji. She is scared to die. She’s afraid of being hurt. Her skin isn’t rubber or metal or impenetrable Haki. Yes, she can manipulate weather, which is an awesome power, but without the clima-tact, she’s just a damn good navigator and that’s it. And that’s exactly why that moment was so powerful.

Ulti wanted to kill Nami. She easily could have. She was about to crush Nami’s skull, and Nami knew she wouldn’t be able to stop it. Her only chance was to deny Luffy’s dream. And she just couldn’t do it. Weak, scared Nami was ready to die a painful death rather than say her Captain would fail. That meant something, and it’s something we just wouldn’t have gotten if Oda were a hack who forgot all about her when the fighting got too out-of-hand.

*by ZipDaddy_Doo

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