The Owner of Shodai Kitetsu

First of all I want to show you what all three Kitetsus have in common.

Nidai Kitetsu (Luffy) and Sandai Kitetsu (Zoro)

Shodai Kitetsu

As you can see all three of them have the same Cross-Guard

As you can see I believe that the bald, monk-like Gorosei is wielding the Shodai Kitetsu. He seems worthy enough to wield it since I’m one of those who believe the Gorosei are strong. And furthermore he is wearing japanese clothing which could indicate that he is from Wano but that’s a completely different story hence I’m not going to dig more into that. And now take a look at the grips:

Sandai Kitetsu

You even get to take a better look at the Cross-Guard

Shodai Kitetsu

Here you can see the Cross-Guard very well too.
They have been bandaged very similar. First you see the bandage, then comes something solid and then bandage again.

*Theory by ZoroDSwordmaster

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