Shanks is the Leader of the Underworld

Everyone called Doflamingo the most influential man in the Underworld, but he was just one broker.

After Dressrosa we find out that the underworld is much bigger than just one country’s exports, and see guys like Giberson the Hider the warehouse kingpin, “god of fortune” Du Feld, “shipping king” Umit, Big News Morgans, etc. But even these guys most people don’t know about specialize. The organization structure has to lead up to something, right? Who’s pulling the strings?

Akagami (red hair) is written like this “赤髪” but if you say akagami and write it like this “垢神” it means something like “dirty god” or like “god of filth”. Akagami no Shankusu. What if Red Haired Shanks is also Shanks the Dirty God, the man at the top of the Underworld?

I started looking for more puns after this and figured Oda likes doing stuff with bounties. Shanks’ bounty is 4,048,900,000. It got 489 (shi-ya-ku) in it and this led me in some wild directions. First off 師役(shiyaku) could mean “playing the role of teacher/master”, like the example wiki gives is saying something like “suzumiya haruhi-yaku, aya hirano” so, playing the role of teacher, shanks (or playing the role of Death, ooh spooky) then there’s a bunch of gambling references! Yaku means your hand in mahjong, for one. But then the other one Oicho-Kabu , a japanese gambling card game literally called “89” turns out it’s the origin of the word yakuza.

So I wanted to see if there were any notable connections between the syllable “shi” and the yakuza and got Shimizu_Jirocho

– most famous yakuza in history
– adopted
– life has no recorded notable incidents between the death of his father and becoming a young adult
– became a gambler and criminal and started building a private navy
– played the revolutionary army and the government against each other
– swordsman
– folk hero/robin hood figure in japan
– famously made sure people were buried properly after a war and defied the government in doing so
– was known to be able to settle major conflicts without casualties

“The pistol is cold. The pistol is a mechanism. There is no personification in it, and the sword is an extension of the human hand, human flesh, and I can convey the entire depth of hatred towards the enemy when the blade of my sword pierces his body, plunging the hand-sword into the body of the enemy. Then there is no greater pleasure to say: “Shinde moraimasu”, that is, “I ask you to die.”
 Shimizu Jirocho

“It’s dangerous to point guns.”

*Theory by ArturCantSpeakJapanese

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