Chapter 1033 hints at the imminent Conqueror’s Haki Clash between King and Zoro!


So, Zoro has just bloomed his Color of Conqueror’s to the next level. In doing so, I strongly feel that what’s coming very shortly is a Conqueror’s clash between Zoro and King.


It might seem ridiculous to have to make a thread that King has Kings Haki, but I’m doing so to establish objective facts that will be coming soon within the story . We know the layout of every established top tier Pirate Crew so far. We also know that the Yonkos have been in a stalemate for decades due to their similarly structure crews. From the Captain to the Commanders, the crew structure has been relatively comparable.

And each crew has had a Captain and a rising number 2 that has had Conqueror’s Haki.


The only characters unconfirmed for Conqueror’s Haki have been King, Benn Beckman and Shiryu.

For Benn Beckman, we know that his existence is comparable to Shanks, he is the Moon to Shanks sun. Just as Zoro (Shimotsuki~Frost Moon) is the comparable right hand to Luffy (Sun God Nika~Sun).


We have also seen that the Red Haired Pirate Executives were put on a different level of clout than other Yonko crews. While Katakuri has confirmed Conqueror’s Haki, his name and presence was not worthy of being named, and rather was clumped together with Cracker, an inferior Commander.


However, with the Red Haired Pirates, the executives were highlighted exclusively.

This sort of emphasis on the Red Hair Pirates Executives + Luffy’s declaration to Shanks, indicates their notoriety and evidence as, at the least Benn Beckman must have Conqueror’s Haki; on the account that Zoro has just awakened his Conqueror’s Haki.

The Blackbeard Pirates are largely an enigma, Blackbeard himself has not been confirmed to have Conqueror’s Haki. But as we know the clues surrounding his rise give solid credence to support him having Conqueror’s Haki. And Shiryu, in the same vein as well.

Shiryu is someone of intimidating presence, a blood-lusted savage whose existence in Impel Down rivaled that of Magellan. And this was prior to owning a devil fruit, with just his sword skills. Shiryu is also an End Game combatant for the Straw Hats to fight. And the properties of a story necessitate that the further along a story we go the stronger the characters become. Given that he is a No.2 and Zoro is a No.2, it can be assumed that he has Conqueror’s Haki to fit the progressive narrative of the story.

Now given the future prospects, we look back at King. Zoro’s first New World official fight against a Conqueror.
And just like how Oda usually parallels dialogue and fights between Zoro and Luffy, the similar has occurred again with King.

King shrugged off Zoro as a Conqueror’s Haki user, as well as his newfound ability to coat his swords (Advanced Conqueror’s Haki), likely because he is unbothered since he already has it.

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