The Hidden Truth and True Power of the Ope Ope No Mi


The Ope Ope No Mi devil fruit is certainly a multifaceted one among devil fruits but we’ve only seen two sides of it, its potent fighting potential and the potential for a knowledgeable user to use its abilities to perform the ageless surgery on another and gift them with eternal youth. Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ve seen one more facet of this ever so mysterious fruit and it’s a HUGE and extremely important part of it.


I won’t tire you with a long winded explanation but what you need to get from it to read this theory is the idea that Advanced Conqueror’s Haki can allow a user to maintain a part of their consciousness in an object / location and can leave residual haki, at least I beleive so. With that in mind, let’s get on with the theory.


To go back to the beginning, the very introduction of the Ope Ope No Mi has been a very subtle one, with its true significance being hidden under the emotional scenario that is Corazon’s adventure with Law and its true potential being hidden under the guise of comic relief. The Ope Ope No Mi was once found by a pirate / former marine named Diez Barrels (X-Drake’s father) and he wanted to sell it to the Government for money.


So far so good, right? I mean, it’d make sense for the World Government to want such a powerful devil fruit for itself. HOWEVER, the price they were willing to pay for it was…*drum rolls*…a whole whooping 5 BILLION (5,000,000,000) berries.


Can we take a moment to realistically comprehend what this amount means? This price is more or less the same as Whitebeard’s bounty. Hell, it’s roughly just 500,000 short of the Pirate King’s bounty. They wanted it badly enough that stealing it meant you’d make the World Government your enemy for the entirety of the eternal life you may had gotten.

You might be thinking “Yeah, but they could grant Im (if he’s not already immortal) or whoever else eternal youth through the ageless surgery, so it’s worth the money.” Yeah, but is that really the case?

Law said that many people view the Ope Ope No Mi as the ultimate devil fruit and regard it as the devil fruit which has the power to realize one of humanity’s oldest dreams.

Here’s the 5 billion belly question though: Even if that dream is eternal youth, is the ageless surgery truly the pinnacle of the Ope Ope No Mi and its mightiest ability? In my opinion no and Doflamingo knew that. Why does it matter that Doffy knew that you ask? It matters a lot, because Doffy was aware of what the World Government has hidden away at Mary Geoise. And in light of his knowledge, Doffy stated the most important ability of the Ope Ope No Mi during his fight with Law. This is what this theory has been leading up to so pay very close attention to this next part.

That ability is none other than: PERSONALITY TRANSPLANT

Yes, you absolutely heard me right. The ability which gave Smoker boobs, gave Tashigi a taste of what respiratory failure would feel like, made Robin want to kill Franky and left Sanji with a crippling debt to Nami is the one I’m talking about.

Please remember this picture for now because you’ll grow a new appreciation for it after I show it to you again after saying some things. First, I want to point out a fact about the personality transplant.

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