Sabo’s Death at Mary Geoise?

Back in chapter 956, a news leaves the world in awe, with the Shichibukai system abolished and a story about Sabo.

A week has passed since the end of the recent Levely and the participating royalty are returning to their homes. Morgans and his editorial team arrange the stories for the next release of the World Economy News Paper despite Government intervention to change headlines.

The World Government has failed to cover up some of the events in the headlines and as a result, the news leaves the world in awe, with the Shichibukai abolished and a story about Sabo which mentions a death of someone important and an attempted assisanation.

In Momoiro Island, the Revolutionary Army are disturbed by news concerning Sabo with Koala crying and the others trying to validate the report.

On the way back to Dawn Island, Sterry is also shocked by the fact that Sabo was at Mary Geoise. Finally, in the Goa Kingdom itself, Makino is seen grieving while on Mt. Colubo, the Dadan Family burst into tears after reading the news, and assert that the news is fake.

Do you really think Sabo died? According to Garp, something happened to the Alabasta Kingdom. What did he meant by that?

I believe the World Government killed Cobra and tried to blame it on Sabo. But Sabo ended up escaping with Vivi.

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