Luffy will get the Highest Bounty after Wano surpassing the 4 Emperors!


Another important nugget here is the part where Big Mom was painted as the loser while Luffy was painted as the winner in their confrontation in the newspaper as well.


This wasn’t because Luffy defeated her but because of what he accomplished while he was there:

  • Invaded her territory;
  • Defeated 2 Sweet Generals;
  • Attempted to assassinate Big Mom;
  • Destroyed her castle;
  • And escaped her territory… alive.

All of this got him a 1 billion berry increase… not by defeating an Emperor by either killing her or knocking her out, but by “defeating” her by accomplishing things that no one else dare to attempt. While Blackbeard got a 2.2 billion increase for everything I mentioned at the top of this post.

This brings us to why Big Mom is even in Wano.


Big Mom, as she mentioned after reading the newspaper, is going after Luffy and then you have Blackbeard, who read the newspaper sometime after the Reverie started and it eludes to an angry Big Mom going after Luffy as we expected and her destination is Wano. Why is all of this important? Because this is going to play a role in Big Mom’s “defeat” again.

As we’ve seen before Big Mom doesn’t have to die or go unconscious to be defeated. So, Big Mom is going to lose in Wano whether it’s by failing to kill Luffy, by getting kicked out of Wano, or from being killed or defeated by Law and Kid because Luffy is guaranteed to leave Wano alive. Not to mention there’s going to be a massive banquet after the war and Big Mom will surely not be there celebrating “her little brother” defeat, so she’s going to be removed from the picture somehow.


So this is going to be another hit on Big Mom’s reputation because of her failing to accomplish what she set out to do which is kill Luffy. And the world knows she’s after Luffy in Wano. So Kaido and Big Mom are going to be defeated regardless in Wano. Whether it’s Kaido and Big Mom dying or Kaido dying and Big Mom getting removed from the picture.

Now, let’s take a look at this important piece:

If we use everything I mentioned for Blackbeard’s bounty increase from 0 to 2.2 billion, then that’s obviously a 2.2 billion increase. Now take Luffy, who recently got a 1 billion increase to his bounty for all the stuff I mentioned at Whole Cake Island and his prior reputation.

There was no Emperor defeated and yet Luffy’s increase was 1.2 billion off from Blackbeard’s increase. So take what Luffy accomplished at Whole Cake Island and remove him defeating 2 Sweet Generals and attempting to assassinate an Emperor and replace it with a successful assassination of an Emperor and “defeats” another Emperor. This is what you get:

  • Invaded her his territory… Check
  • Defeated 2 Sweet Generals “Defeats” an emperor and her crew… Soon
  • Attempted to assassinate Big Mom Assassinates Kaido and beats his crew… Soon
  • Destroyed her his castle… Soon
  • And escaped her his territory… Soon, Well, it won’t be his territory anymore…

So a 1 billion increase after Whole Cake Island. Then what can Luffy get for this?

So, if we use Blackbeard’s 2.2 billion increase as a baseline for what kind of increase you can get for taking down an Emperor and their crew, despite no reputation, and not getting the bulk of the credit if any credit at all for taking down the Emperor itself in the newspaper, while also taking their territories. Then, what does that mean for Luffy? Who’s in a different boat…

  • Well for starters he’s going to beat Kaido and get a bulk of the credit for that since it’s his war. Luffy will also get more than a 2.2 billion increase for defeating Kaido and his crew, while also taking his territory(Wano).
  • Then, there’s the increase for the “defeat” of Big Mom, who’s there for Luffy but she’ll either die or get removed from Wano by Law and Kid most likely, which is still a Loss. So you can at least tack on another billion and some extra millions for Big Mom actually being defeated this time, unlike Whole Cake Island. And again I know I keep reiterating it, but Luffy being the leader of this war, will play a role in him getting a bulk of the credit too. But don’t worry Law and Kid will get secondary credit just like Bege and Germa 66. And this doesn’t mean Law and Kid won’t get a hefty raise if they do defeat Big Mom because they already have a reputation prior to this war with an Emperor and their crew.
  • Then, there’s the increase for disturbing the power balance even more. And yup, you guessed it, Luffy’s getting credit for this too since he already has a history with that since he’s beaten multiple Warlords in the past. And the Warlords were once a part of the 3 great powers. In Blackbeard’s case, he was not the one who disturbed the balance of power with Whitebeard’s defeat. But it was the Marines since they initiated the war.
  • Lastly, but most importantly… the world’s strongest pirate crew alliance will be defeated.

In conclusion, Luffy’s win and huge reputation even though it’s exaggerated in some areas, will lead him to a bounty that will surely kiss 5 around billion, and Blackbeard’s current bounty won’t affect Luffy’s increase at all. There’s so much evidence of Luffy and Blackbeard’s situation being different when they defeat an Emperor. But don’t worry, Blackbeard is on the move right now and it involves the marines so his increase is coming as well.

So after all this. Do you still think Luffy won’t see anything near 5 billion? And for the people that think Luffy won’t surpass Blackbeard’s current bounty. What’s your reason for still seeing it that way even after everything I provided?

*Theory by Sports_and_Laughs

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