Luffy’s Devil Fruit is actually not the Gomu Gomu no Mi!


What Gomu Gomu no Mi’s Real Name Is

So we get hit over the head by the fact that Luffy looks like a Mythical Guardian Deity in his Gear 4th form, we get the mention of the Mythical being known as the Sun God Nika and we hear more about the Legend of the Joy Boy. If we consider that Gomu Gomu no Mi isn’t its real name, the natural conclusion, for me at least, is that Luffy’s Devil Fruit is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit as they are said to be the rarest in the whole World (and often the most powerful ones). Perhaps it could even be a new type of Devil Fruit we are yet to learn about.


Before Wano, we got only 2 Mythical Fruits for the longest time, for around 300 Chapters. And in Wano, we got a large spike of Mythical Devil Fruits. From Kaido’s Azure Dragon, Orochi’s Yamata no Orochi, Catarina’s Nine-Tail Fox, Yamato’s fruit as well as the fruit Onimaru ate. This cannot be a mere coincidence that we get so many Mythical Zoans in the same arc.

So, which one is it? What is the real name of Luffy’s Devil Fruit? Well… the name of it doesn’t matter that much, it’s more what the fruit is about and what it represents, but I digress. I think that the choice for the Gomu Gomu no Mi’s real name is an obvious pick.

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Myouou (Wisdom King)

What better name for the Devil Fruit Luffy has than the name of the Deity Hyougoro compared Luffy’s Gear 4th to?


Since you may ask “How is he immune to electricity then?”, the Wisdom King devil fruit still gives him the properties of Rubber. Nothing about his powers changes, just the name of it. As well how it explains his fire powers. Maybe he gains additional power once he fully awaken in, maybe not.

Like many, many other things in One Piece, whenever you think something is magic the answer turns out to either be Science related or a Devil Fruit related. Kaido is a real Dragon? No, he just ate Azure Dragon fruit. Gyukimaru is a Kitsune, the shape-shifting fox? Nope it just ate a Devil Fruit. Kin’emon and Raizo can use Ninjutsu? No they just ate Devil Fruits. Wisdom King is a Guardian Deity? No, it’s a person that ate a Devil Fruit!

And who this person might be? Well obviously Joy Boy which coincidently is the same person as the Sun God Nika. After all, the Gorosei said this Devil Fruit hasn’t awakened in Centuries and that fits right in with the time when Joy Boy lived.


Notice something else? All of these examples are from Wano. An underline “motif”, if you can call it that, of Wano is the dispersion of the supernatural – the weird things everyone thinks is magic just turns out to be a work of Devil Fruits. This is because Wano citizens are isolated country and the concept of Devil Fruits is completely unknown to them, so naturally, Hyougoro wouldn’t know about Luffy having one and ending up comparing him to a Deity.

Note: The reason why I said the exact name doesn’t really matter is because there are multiple Wisdom Kings with different names. Since Kaido has an attack named after one of the Wisdom Kings,* Kundali who is known as “The Dispenser of Heavenly Nectar”, I suggest that Luffy would be based on Vajrahāsa, known as “The One of Great Laughter”.

Gear System and the Meaning behind It

This raises another point, which is the Gear 4th in itself. Its design, in a “meta way”, is not unique as it’s based on an already existing thing and it has been used before for Enel by Oda himself.


However, it is unique when compared to Luffy’s other gears:

· Gear 2nd – Is simple and sweet. Luffy pumps his blood for it to go faster causing Luffy to produce steam from “overheating” and giving him clear stat increase. No design changes other than smoke.

· Gear 3rd – Is little more complicated but still simple. Luffy blows air in his bones causing them to inflate and increasing his destructive powers. Slight design change as now his limbs are gigantic.

· Gear 4th – On the other hand is such a drastic change. Oh boy here we go:

First, Luffy covers his arm with Armament Haki. He then bites his arm and blows air into his muscles instead of bones causing Luffy to double in height and quadruples in width. He gets Haki markings all over his body. There is a constant stream of smoke emanating from his body which has such an unnatural look to it. His eyes have black eyeliner, his hair is spikier and Luffy is now constantly bouncing, unable to stop while being able to contract his limbs like a spring.

The point I’m trying to make is that there is a massive change in design with Luffy’s Gear 4th that isn’t present with the other Gears and this change is evident. It almost looks like a whole new Devil Fruit of its own. It almost looks like a Zoan Awakening. And what is this? Luffy has 3 forms of Gear 4th, just how Zoan fruits have multiple forms? Just like Chopper’s Points system?

Interesting… But it can’t be an Awakening because we would’ve known if it was, right? Meaning we are yet to see that Awakening and it just so happens that Luffy is missing the 5th Gear

What better for this Gear to be about than to further expand on Luffy’s fire powers, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”? I previously had said Wisdom King is the same as Joy Boy and so far I made it make sense (hopefully), but what about them being the same as Sun God Nika? Why would a person who can stretch be known as SUN GOD Nika? Because the Wisdom King Devil Fruit grants more than just stretching powers, it gives you fire powers and Luffy just scratched the surface of it.

How many times have you heard someone question what Red Hawk is? How is Luffy doing it? Well Red Hawk was just a beginning, now we see Luffy actively using Red Roc, a Gear 3rd version of Red Hawk and he is using it rather sparingly. And every time he used it he used it in a combination with Gear 2nd.

Interestingly enough, the only move we saw Kaido dodge is Luffy’s Red Hawk, a fire based attack, even though he never bothered dodging Luffy’s Gear 4th Ryuo attacks and the only move we saw visibly hurt Kaido before Luffy unlocked Conqueror’s Coating was Red Roc. Maybe this is nothing or maybe this is Oda hinting towards the future events. After all, there has been a lot of Luffy “bringing dawn” imagery in the Manga (and even more in the Anime).

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