Top 10 Onigashima Fights – Ranked!


6- Killer vs Hawkins


The fight nobody saw coming and the underdog of the Raid, Killer vs Hawkins was a surprisingly enjoyable read. I have always been a fan of both of these characters for different reasons. Killer because of his personality and demeanor while Hawkins for his awesome design and powers, both straw related and card related, so seeing these two in action really made me excited.


From the display of Killer’s acrobatic skills to the display of Hawkin’s ability I really liked all of it. Not only that but the whole narrative through-line of Hawkins having Kid’s doll inside of him and every attack Killer made on him would be transferred to Kid was fascinating to read.


Watching Killer having to figure the way around it was tense and the eventual solution he comes up with is so simple yet so clever. Cutting off the arm that Kid doesn’t have and removing the doll was so good. Sometimes simple is better.


All in all, I really enjoyed the fight and there isn’t much bad I could say about it. Only thing I wished to see more are Hawkins’ powers. We really didn’t get to see much of his cards.

5- Nico Robin vs Black Maria

The long awaited Robin fight and Oda absolutely delivered. This fight is the reason I said that Jinbe and Franky’s fight needed an extra chapter. This fight got that extra chapter and it absolutely doesn’t waste it. We get to see Robin’s flashback, new Fishman Karate technique and most importantly, Robin’s new Demonio form – an absolutely amazing fight that delivers on all fronts, character, choreography, cool factor, the triple C. I especially love the bait-and-switch with her flashback and Fishman Karate move.

We thought her power-up would be the karate move she learned in the flashback but nope, that was just a misdirect and her actual power up is the Demonio Fleur.

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But Robin isn’t the only one who shines here. Black Maria also gets a lot of shine with the variety of her attacks. I love her hybrid form as it is unique and it resembles Jorōgumo, the spider-lady Yokai. Oh and I love the pug smile user that is mounted on her weapon, such a weird and Oda-like addition.

4. Kid and Law vs Big Mom

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Another unexpected fight and another certified banger. Who would’ve thought, once the Raid started, that Law and Kid would not only be the ones to fight Big Mom but also the ones to defeat her, I know I didn’t expect for this match up to happen but I absolutely loved it.

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Their fight on the Rooftop wasn’t anything impressive but once they went down it really picked up the pace. Law and Kid revealing their awakenings and using them on Big Mom was so good, I especially love Law’s awakening and his extending sword.

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Kid’s awakening initially wasn’t as flashy but once he pulled out that Rail Gun it was over. The one-two punch of Law stabbing Big Mom with his sword that extended all the way to Wano’s mainland and creating that massive hole and then Kid shooting Big Mom with Rail Gun was amazing.

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The narrative through-line was there, not anything special but the idea of the new generation, the Worst Generation, overthrowing the old veterans and proving once and for all that there is no such thing as being invincible was enough to enjoy the fight, especially when followed by the amazing exchange of attacks. I simply love the usage of Rule of 3 by Oda in this fight, where Kid and Law defeat Big Mom on their 3rd use of their awakenings.

I loved it and I cannot wait to see more of them in the future.

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