The Real Name of Luffy’s Devil Fruit has already been revealed to us!


Now the last scene mentioned. This scene on first read didn’t seem like something special at all. It was on Sabaody. This was a fairly unspectacular one were Pappag explained how the bubbles on Sabaody are formed. But like anything in One Piece, anything, even the most unspectatcular things, can come back later and prove it’s relevancy. Let me show you the scene from Chapter 496 in question.


The trees secrete a special type of NATURAL RESIN.

Due to the trees Adam, Eve, the whale tree on Zou and the tree of Knowledge on Ohara we all know by now that trees play a big role in the One Piece world.


To further cement this fact that Luffy’s devil fruit is the Jushi Jushi No Mi I’d like to point you to a SBS question from Volume 8 (!):

Question: Is Luffy made of natural rubber? Or artificial rubber? -A Meteorological Agency Investigation- (Ministry of Education rip off)

Oda: He’s naturally stupid rubber.

The stupid is crossed out and at first it seems to be a joke Oda-Sensei pulled in one of his SBS like he usually does. Looking back with what we know and everything I’ve shown you up until now, I don’t know what else it could possibly be.

Two scenes I’d like to share are during Luffy’s fight against Doflamingo (Chapter 784) and Kaido (Chapter 1042).

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In both of these scenes the adverseries were confused of the fact that the shown characteristics shouldn’t be possible with a rubber ability. While the Doflamingo one is arguably a little vague, Kaido flat out states this inconcistency. At each alteration, Luffy melts his resin and makes it change the trajectory.

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But why The World Government is afraid of the Jushi Jushi No Mi devil fruit?

The World Government is afraid of the Jushi Jushi No Mi because it’s legendary, not solely for its power. The resin devil fruit may be legendary because of its link with “Sun Tree Eve” and Fishman Island.

*Theory by Pringles/Much-Season-141

Oda is laying the groundwork for the Final Clash between Kaido and Luffy!

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