All the Damage Kaido has taken since the start of the Onigashima Raid!


Chapter 1027 – Luffy grabs Kaido by the neck to stop him from going after Momonosuke and Yamato.


Luffy vs Kaido continues off-screen from Chapter 1028 to Chapter 1035

Chapter 1036 – Luffy lands a “Roc Gun” right on Kaido’s face


Chapter 1037 – Luffy has landed (on a hammered Kaido) a kick to Kaido’s face countering a “Thunder Bagua” , traded Conqueror’s Haki headbutts with him and had a “Roc Gatling” vs “Gundali Dragon Swarm” clash , each getting a few hits in and finally hits a “Rock Stamp” (unnamed in the chapter but that’s the most likely name for the attack) right on Kaido’s gut.


3 chapters of Luffy vs Kaido off screen

Chapter 1041 – Luffy starts pummelling Kaido with Gear 4 Snakeman: Gum Gum Hydra (which Kaido couldn’t even see), the second Gear 4 attack he landed on Kaido after unlocking Conquerors Haki.


Chapter 1042 – Luffy continues pummelling Kaido with Gum-Gum Hydra and lands a Kong Over Gun which makes one of Kaido’s Boro Breaths explode in his mouth.

Chapter 1044 – Luffy grabs Kaido with his giant hand, drags him through the roof, starts slaming him into the ground like he did Oars and Kaido tries to counter by shooting a Boro Breath which Luffy bounces back to Kaido.

Chapter 1045 – After Kaido eats Luffy, Luffy starts punching Kaido from the inside, inflates with “Baloon” and then Luffy extends his hands through Kaido’s fucking eyes to get free; then Giant Luffy makes Kaido his “Gum-Gum Jump Rope ” then Luffy punches THROUGH Kaido’s head.

Kaido is literally a beast!

*by AlexHitetsu

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