The World Government is the Final Enemy in Wano!


Wano has far too many inconclusive plot points for the arc to be finished here. The main antagonists’s (Kaido’s) defeat isn’t the ultimate finale like it has been in the past, but it seems more like a penultimate event.


I’m not here to advocate that Kaido is getting back up, because honestly I have no skin in that debate. However, I will make a point that it’s not sensible to assume Kaido dead because of magma, when he was just using the same substance 2 seconds ago.


Swiftly moving on… a One Piece commentator brought to my attention just how incomplete Wano is. Here’re just a few of the important plot points that have been built up for Wano and are yet to be tied up:

  • The Shimotsuki mystery: Zoro’s heritage.
  • What the hell is Onigashima?
  • The mystery of the borders of Wano, and their historical significance. Especially as it pertains the Void Century.
  • Why is Wano so important? We’ve been here almost half a decade, and we still don’t know.
  • Who the hell is Toki, where is she from, and what does she know (prophecy)?

But I’m not even here to discuss all of that. My main point is this: there’s something about Wano, and big players seem to be looking for it, including Big Mom.


This is where the final antagonist of Wano enters the frame. It’s actually more accurate to say that this antagonist emerges to the forefront, after having patiently waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. It’s almost as if they have been playing a game of chess.


CP0 are the World Government’s representatives in Wano. And it seems that even they are about to make a power play for Wano. The most powerful forces in the entire country are incapacitated and unable to put up resistance. This is the moment that they have been waiting for.

Now, with Luffy, Kaido, Zoro, Big Mom, Law, Kid, King, and Queen out of commission, who can stop them?

In the unlikely case Kaido is defeated… it’s been decided that the World Government… will annex the independent land of Wano!! The ships are already on their way…

So, it feels like Wano is very incomplete. I theorise that the World Government will bring this arc to it’s true completion, or at least move the story forward significantly.

Beef is coming.

This opens up realms of possibilities.

  • Beasts Pirates get killed off? Kaido gets his death wish at the hands of the Marines, maybe Akainu?
  • The Grand Fleet rise up?
  • Zunesha finally gets active?

*by Academic_King_4536

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