New EMPERORS Of The Sea Confirmed!


Apoo and Inbi arrive with a newspaper reporting on the new bounties. Apoo was the one who leaked the events of the raid to the outside world. He claims that there are new members in the Four Emperors.


I’m actually gonna bet that the new Emperors are Luffy and Buggy (yes Buggy, and no, 5th Emperor means absolutely nothing. It’s just Morgans hyping Luffy up due to witnessing his shenanigans on Whole Cake Island). Think about it, Morgans would certainly hype up Luffy due to alot of the chaos recently was due to his actions. And based on the info that he likely received to publish the news of Kaido and Big Mom’s defeats, he’s definitely labelling Law and Kidd as “Luffy’s Lackeys/Subordinates” and Luffy being the main reason for their downfalls especially Kaido’s.


Buggy on the other hand has been an unintentional consequence of Luffy’s recent actions during the past two years (and be real, Oda loves him too like we do).

  • The news of his affiliation with Shanks and his status as an ex-Roger Pirates Member has been found out by the World Government due to his breakout with Luffy from Impel Down which lead to him becoming a Warlord.
  • Doflamingo’s downfall due to Luffy’s intervention and liberation of Dressrosa also lead to a massive increase in his influence due to needing someone to fill the gaps of the Underworld. And Buggy’s mercs fill that gap perfectly.
  • And now that Luffy’s taken down Kaido (and likely labelled as the one who caused Big Mom’s defeat as well) and liberated Wano, there’s another gap to fill. Luffy takes one and Buggy would take the other due to his influence growing monstrously high thanks to Luffy. He’s basically the only other major pirate that has the influence to take over as Emperor.

So in a nutshell, we’d get:

  • Blackbeard
  • Shanks
  • Luffy
  • Buggy

Law and Kid becoming Emperors is basically unrealistic as they have no influence whatsoever. Or even territory. It’s something all Emperors have in common. And there’s the factor of Apoo potentially deciding to twist some things in order to screw them over (especially Kid) since he was the one who leaked the news.

by PsychoLogical25

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