The Reason Why Oda chose Buggy to be a New Emperor!

  • Richie, the beast of Mohji, is a pet figure of Buggy’s crew. Who is the pet figure of Straw Hats? the 100 berry bounty, cotton-loving, non-a-racoon-dog Chopper!
  • Funan Bros, the trio, maybe be parellel to the weakling trio?
    • The first one is dark-skinned man and his outfit shows chest and baggy pants, Usopp a fairly dark-skinned man, also his post timeskip drip also shows chest and wears baggy pants?
    • Another one is orange hair? Orange hair? Nami? In TV standalone series he even has a curly blue tattoo (right side of image).
    • While Chopper is taken away from Richie, who is parellel to this last brother, who is skinny defined cheekbones and jawline, with a jolly roger hat? Brook! so skinny he doesn’t even have a skin (cuz he dead yohohoho), such a defined cheekbone and jawline because he is a bone (yohohoho), jolly roger, which is…a bone (YOHOHOHO!!!)
  • Superhuman Domingos, a pirate group, the whole group is parallel to mommy Nico Robin, hear me out.
    • One member is dark brown skin, Robin was dark brown skin in first introduction. Another member is pale skin, Robin is pale now.
    • More importantly, in Spanish, Domingos means “Sunday”, what is Robin’s alias in Baroque Works? MISS ALL SUNDAY

4- Messages and symbolism

Why Yonko Buggy works? Points 1 and 2 makes him a viable candidate already, but also the symbolism of Luffy shaking up the system and breaking status quo of what a Yonko should be! Luffy’s journey had already unintentionally lead to the abolishment of Warlord system. Now that Joy Boy awakened Luffy is going to bring this to the whole level, in the scale of Yonko!


Lastly, for the good ol’ “ODA FORESHADOWED THIS MOMENT” Volume 25 Cover might be foreshadowing the Yonkos after the saga – Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy , Buggy? COINCIDENCE I DON’T THINK SO

*by madnerl

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