Admiral Ryokugyu is a LOGIA Devil Fruit User


Many people theorize that Admiral Ryokugyu possesses a paramecia devil fruit that allows him to create plants using others’ energy. I disagree with that, I think he has the Uddo Uddo no Mi or the Wood-Wood fruit. and his Awakening allows him to sprout out other plants.


In the full body shot of Ryokugyu in Wano when he is using his devil fruit, his fingers look like what could be the roots of a tree.


You may say, but then why did Udon look so much different, that’s simple. The Awakening of the devil fruit, we all know that a logia user can have a permanent effect on the environment, just look at Punk Hazard.


We all know this is where Aokiji and Akainu had their battle for the position of Fleet Admiral. The lake in the center was created by their fight, the icy area is what Akoji made and the volcanic area is what Akainu made. Now look at the area made by Green Bull.


Trees and plants are everywhere, what I theorize is that the Uddo Uddo no Mi’s Awakening allows the user to use roots to seep the energy from their enemy and release it creating new plants. They also have some control over the plants as it would be pointless if that wasn’t the case and we see Green Bull flying in with spinning flower on his back.

Now everything I’ve said so far would be possible with the previously theorized unnamed devil fruit, however, there is a small detail in one of the panels in Chapter 1053, and that is Ryokugyu drinking (presumably rum) from a barrel after defeating King and Queen (and the rest of the Beasts Pirates there).

Now we know that roots take in liquids most commonly through their roots, and Ryokugyu is drinking using them. You can also notice in the panel that the drinking root looks far more like wood than a vine, and Ryokugyu’s entire hand is transformed, much more like a logia transformation than what paramecia can do (besides special paramecia which are for unnatural things like mochi, but plants and trees are natural so that doesn’t really matter).

So we have seen this devil fruit do 2 things:

  1. Change the environment seemingly permanently;
  2. Let the user turn his body into another substance.

There is only one type of devil fruit that we have ever seen do this, and it isn’t Paramecias nor Zoans, it’s Logias as shown by what the definition of a Logia Devil Fruit is and what Akainu and Akoji did to Punk Hazard.

*Theory by SM1OOO

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