The Misunderstanding about King and Queen in Chapter 1053


This needs a whole post to clarify, because people are making stuff up with no proof invisible seastone cuffs.

King & Queen

King and Queen were the ONLY Beasts Pirates members to be thrown OUT of Onigashima miles before it even reached the capital.


Instead the others stayed down in Onigashima with the rest of alliance.


We see that Beasts Pirates inside Onigashima will get captured:


Now, think about why we only see King & Queen in Udon. If they are imprisoned, where are Tobiroppo and Jack then too? Green Bull is talking about Commanders being no match for him, why not show Jack alongside King and Queen? He is commander as well.


Former Prison

Do I even need to explain this one? Udon is no longer prison.

“King and Queen are in cells”

This is what INSIDE of a cell looks like:

This is what OUTSIDE of the cells looks like:

Looks familiar? Yeah, King and Queen are OUTSIDE of the cells.

“Sea Stone Cuffs”

Notice how the cuffs on Luffy’s hands are positioned? They’re restraining his arm movements by keeping both hands close to each other.

But with King and Queen, their arm positioning is to their sides, which would be impossible for them to wear cuffs.


King and Queen have been drinking alcohol, which prisoners can’t have access to.

Green Bull literally throws that remark at them to age the booze because it tastes bad. Why would he say that to them, if they are prisoners who can’t have booze?


Queen is literally the ruler of Udon. Why wouldn’t he visit his place to try and fix themselves up?
He knew that there were Beasts Pirates left over there because put them in charge of the prison.


No, Babanuki is not under Tama’s control 24/7, she still needs to give him an order otherwise he’s gonna act on his own.

We literally see Babanuki chilling with other Beasts Pirates, acting normally. They are no imprisoned or anything.

Notice that other Beasts Pirates are regular humans, so they can’t be under control.

There are still many points I could go over, but I think it’s enough for now, the post is already long enough.

*by pydarassuka

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