Akainu became Fleet Admiral in the worst possible era


In Chapter 1054 Akainu remarks he became Fleet Admiral during a very intense era. Seriously, he’s dealing with so many issues right now it’s insane to try and list it all.


His Organization is full of outright Traitors, people who don’t like him, and his authority is constantly being overstepped by other people in the Government without him really getting a say in it. Let me list all the issues he is currently dealing with at the moment:

Fujitora just straight up let Luffy escape. Like he just decided to not do his job and let one of the most Wanted Criminals leave.


Ryokugyu is a burden. Straight up. Yeah he’s strong but he doesn’t listen, you tell him to get Fujitora out of there and he’s just like “No.” and then after FAILING to capture ANY of the Revolutionaries WITH THE HELP FROM FUJITORA, he decides to walk into Wano, without any prior order to do so, so you try and salvage the situation by going, “Listen Ryokugyu, don’t get into any shit, just be careful, okay” and IMMEDIATELY after you finish saying this, this motherfucker is in uncharted foreign territory, calling in Fleets before getting stalled by the Samurai and attacked by Yamato and Momonosuke.


Kizaru has done literally nothing post timeskip. This motherfucker has just sat there doing absolutely nothing but sitting on a couch and clipping his fingernails. He is of no help despite being THE SPEED OF LIGHT. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS ORGANIZATION?


The Gorosei continuously get in this guy’s way for no reason and not only do they do that, they’re incredibly rude about it, and to pour salt in the wound they’re just chilling taking messages from Shanks who can apparently just drop on by whenever he pleases.

Your former co-worker Aokiji is now working with the One Piece equivalent of a damn terrorist who destroyed your old base and he also permenantly wounded your face and left scars on your body that will last forever.

There’s a super secret Special Agent Force that’s apparently not within your control but they work directly under the Celestial Dragons. They get killed by Kaido and fail all mission’s objectives. The most successful one has only managed to BARELY tie with a former Whitebeard Pirate member and we don’t even know if that Agent didn’t die too.

Buggy escaped. BUGGY. You know, the Clown, Buggy? Yeah, he escaped the new Military Super Weapon? Not enough to take down Buggy. He’s gone, out of there. And guess what? He’s a Yonko now too. One of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Buggy.

You know that Luffy guy? That guy that keeps getting in your way that YOUR SUBORDINATE, FUJITORA, WILLINGLY, LET GO? He’s a Yonko now too. And guess what, he’s got Cartoon powers now. Good luck dealing with whatever that is and how it works, hope you’re ready for your entire Fleet to get the Wile E. Coyote treatment while you can do nothing to stop it. Thanks, Fujitora, really cool Employee you turned out to be.

The Marines are a complete mess and the super Secret Illuminati Boss Im is doing nothing to remedy this situation and instead decides to play in the butterfly room and look at a giant hat.

Damn, the World Government and Navy are totally screwed.

– They let Sabo and the Revolutionary Army get away after infiltrating the holy land and burning the monument;

– They have to clean up the mess after Big Mom and Kaido were defeated. Like how their other territories will no longer be protected by a Yonko and other groups/emperors might conquer these territories like what Teach did after Whitebeard died;

– They have to resolve the coups/rebellions and Alabasta;

– They abolished the Shichibukai system at the worst time and have made them as their enemies;

– Nika has awakened and as the news continue to spread, more groups/countries will rebel against the World Government and join Luffy.

*by berserkfan123

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