Oda already hinted at Yamato’s role in the Straw Hat Crew!


In Chapter 1056 Yamato announces her intent to join the Straw Hats and live like Kozuki Oden did. While her joining the crew is exciting, it raises the question of what role she will assume in One Piece‘s main pirate group. Well there is actually a real “role” for her to do in the ship: Guard.


1. The existence of Guard role itself

Before we guess a Nakama candidate’s role, the role itself must be either makes sense, present in the story, useful to the crew, and/or different from other Nakama.

In Syrup Village arc, Chapter 31, we get to see the Nyaban Brothers, they have Ship Guard role. This evidence itself is enough proof that Guards role exists and feasible.


Now, what’s the connection with Yamato?
Yamato Moving Company in IRL Japan has two black cats as the logo.
The Nyaban Brothers is a pair of pirates from Black Cat Pirates, and everyone in it has cat theme.

2. The role must be linked to a Nakama’s abilities, weapons, Devil Fruits, and/or theme

Rubber is resistant to blunt damage, it’s good for fighter.
Nami’s magical staff have abilities related to wind, cloud, and lightning, everything related to a Navigator.
Chopper is a doctor who uses pills as weapon.
You get the gist.

For Yamato, her Devil Fruit is dubbed as Guardian Deity.
She is also a durable character who can endure beatings, and have been shown defending Momonosuke. One of her skills is to create an ice armor.


3. The SBS Hint

In the recent SBS, Oda mentioned “Steering Duty” and “Guard Duty”. Why he choose this QA for SBS column? That’s because they represent a possible role for the last 2 members, a helmsman and a guard.i Jinbe is a real Helmsman.


4. Combatant Dynamic

Although inconsequential, but with a Guard role, it complete the combatants job. Attacking Melee Zoro, Ranged Usopp and Defending Yamato.

*by RoronoaZorro

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