All the Unresolved Plot Points from the Beginning of the Series to the End of Wano Arc




· Who is Blackbeard, what are his mysterious abilities

· Who are the Five Elders

· Laffitte’s Devil Fruit

· The Emerald City – debatable if it will ever be resolved



· Origins of the Sky Folk – Birkans, Skypieans and Shandorians

· Importance of the Moon + the Automata

· What is pyrobloin (it was revealed it originates from Wano)

· Rio Poneglyph revealed to be located on Laugh Tale

· Birka – where it is and its importance

· The second entrance to Skypiea – Summit of High West

· Enel – how he got is fruit, his eventual return

· Connection with Lunarians (hinted at in Wano)

Long Ring Long Land


· Garp doing a favour for Aokiji

· Davy Back fight originated on Hachinosu

Water 7


· The Oro Jackson giant egg

· Pluton’s blueprints being guarded by shipwrights on Water 7

· The Adam Tree

Enies Lobby

· Enies Lobby – why it floats above a hole, why is it always sunny around it

· Gates of Justice – how were they created

· Devils inside Devil Fruits + how the Government acquires Devil Fruits

· The Ancient Kingdom – name, location, history and fate

· The World Government’s shady history

· Who was Sogeking? Where is Sniper Island?

· Robin learning the True History of the World

Post Enies Lobby

· Franky and the Thousand Sunny sailing the entire Grand Line

· The Revolutionary Army – history, hierarchy, goals

· Dr. Vegapunk – everything about him basically

· Seastone – what it is, how is it produced (originates from Wano)

· Blackbeard’s Yami Yami no Mi full abilities + Teach’s weakness to pain

Thriller Bark

· Captain John and his treasure + his history with Rocks + Buggy having a map to his treasure (brought up in Impel Down)

· Zoro returning Shusui to Ryuma’s grave (partialy resolved in Wano – the sword was returned, but Zoro never got to visit the grave)

· Gecko Moria’s past

· Origins of Oars and the Ancient Giant race + Continent-puller origin

· Kuma – everything about him basically

· Brook reuniting with Laboon + Brook’s past before becoming a pirate

· Bink’s Sake

· Giant shadows in the Florian Triangle


· Sentomaru’s connection to Wano

· How did Vegapunk create the Pacifista and give them a part of Kizaru’s power

· Celestial Dragons’ role in the Void Century

· Origins of the Long Arm, Long Leg, Long Neck, and Mink tribes

· X Drake – what is SWORD + what is his mission (brought up in Wano)

· Urouge – history + what are his powers

· Jewelry Bonney – history + connection to Kuma + powers

· Kidd and Killer – history

· Shakky’s history with Garp

· Why did Roger disband the Roger Pirates

The Final Task Roger assigned to Whitebeard

The Misunderstanding about Hiyori in Chapter 1057