All the Unresolved Plot Points from the Beginning of the Series to the End of Wano Arc


Impel Down


· Kaido and Shanks’ encounter happened during this arc

· Shiryu’s past and motivation

· Level 6 inmates’ motivation for joining Blackbeard

· Devil Fruit Awakening (brought up in Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island and Wano)

· How was Impel Down built



· Akainu – history and motivations

· The Huge War that will one day take over the World after the One Piece is found

· Blackbeard’s ability to steal Devil Fruits and use two (or more) at the same time + strange body

· Shanks’ connection to the World Government, which enabled him to stop the War (brought up again during the Levely; hinted at in One Piece RED)

Post War Arc


· Tequila Wolf – purpose and destination

· Zoro’s training with Mihawk + his eye

Return to Sabaody


· Caribou’s role – knowing about the Ancient Weapons location (Poseidon and Pluton)

· Roger’s past and importance of the Straw Hat

Fishman Island

· Uranus – what and where it is

· The Eve Tree

· Importance of Noah

· Madam Shirley’s powers

· Luffy destroying Fishman Island one day

· Who is Joy Boy + his role during the Void Century (partly resolved in Wano)

· Joy Boy’s promise to the Mermaid Princess

· The Voice of All Things

· Jimbei improving the relations between humans and Fishmen + Fishmen moving to the surface

Punk Hazard

· Vegapunk experiments to create Dragons and Artificial Devil Fruits

· Kaido’s history on Punk Hazard (partly resolved in Wano)

· World Government’s Gigantism experiments (Beast Pirates’ Numbers originate from these experiments)

· Why Momonosuke’s Artificial Devil Fruit is considered a failure

· Origins of SAD

· Caesar Clown’s bomb deals

· Kidd’s intention of defeating Shanks

· Devil Fruit mechanics

· Kuzan (Aokiji)’s current status + goals + relation with Blackbeard (brought up in Dressrosa)


· Tontatta tribe’s origin and role during the Void Century

· Luffy and Law destroying Doflamingo’s weapons trade, thus greatly affecting the Underworld

· Donquixote Family’s role during the Void Century

· Ryokugyu – everything about him (partialy resolved in Wano)

· Fujitora – past, motivations for joining the WG + prohibition from entering marine bases and being forced to hunt the Straw Hats

· CP0 – origins, identities, underground deals (partly resolved in Whole Cake Island and Wano)

· Why Kaido wants to kill himself

· Op Op no Mi’s Immortality Surgery

· The National Treasure of Mariejois

· D.s ae the “natural enemies of God” + Law finding out what it means

· Grand Fleet causing a great incident in the future (hinted at during Wano)

The Final Task Roger assigned to Whitebeard

The Misunderstanding about Hiyori in Chapter 1057