All the Unresolved Plot Points from the Beginning of the Series to the End of Wano Arc




· Edward Weevil – everything about him

· Mink’s Sulong and Electro origins

· Mink and Kozuki’s history

· Red Poneglyphs – location and ownership of a copy of all 4(partly resolved in the same arc – locations and copies of 3, one still unknown)

· Why and how did Wano create the Poneglyphs

· Robin warned about people wanting to kidnap her

· Lodestar Island

· Opening the borders of Wano (its importance was revealed at the end of Wano)

· Franky’s Kaido-killing weapons

· Zunesha – what crime they committed, role in the Void Century, origins, history

· Nefertari Cobra asking the Five Elders about the Alabasta Poneglyph + who killed Cobra and why (brought up in Wano)

· Blackbeard Pirates attacking Baltigo

Whole Cake Island


· Vinsmokes once ruling the North Blue, and trying to reclaim it

· Lineage Factor

· MADS – origins, history, accomplishments (brought up in Wano)

· Big Mom’ dream of creating a country where all races are equal and live in harmony

· Origins of the Three-Eye Tribe + ability and connection with Poneglyphs

· Big Mom vs Elbaf + Prince Loki + big tree in Elbaf

· The Dawn of the World

· Big News Morgans’ true identity/appearance

· Luffy’s promise to defeat Big Mom

· Sanji and Pudding reuniting + why she deleted his memories

· Fate of Sun Pirates



· Karasu’s Devil Fruit

· Rocks Pirates and God Valley Incident (brought up in Wano) + Rocks D. Xebec + Hachinosu Island importance

· Imu – who they are, goals, appearance, powers, motivations, history, potential role in the Void Century + which light they want extinguished

· Shanks talking about a certain pirate

· The SSG

· Sai cutting ties with the Kano Kingdom

· Doflamingo being hunted by assasins

· Giant Straw Hat

· Sterry wanting to take the Empty Throne

· Jewelry Bonney’s goals

· The abolition of the Seven Warlords system – fate of the current Warlords (partly resolved in Wano – fates of Hancock and Weevil still unknown)

· Revolutionary Army – intended to declare war against the Government during the Reverie, to rescue Kuma, fought the Admirals – a certain incident happened to Sabo (resolved in Wano)

· Incident regarding the Alabasta Kingdom (resolved in Wano – Cobra died and Vivi disappeared)

· Kuma being the former king of Sorbet Kingdom

· Mihawk knowing about what is discussed at the Reverie

Wano Country


· Blackbeard going after something

· Zoan Fruits’ conscience

· what did Wapol reveal to the WSJ

· Toki – history, origins, role during Void Century, powers

· The Roger Pirates laughing at the sight of the One Piece

· who was Nika

· Yamato leaving Wano to travel the world

· Origins of the Lunarians + history + genocide + powers explained

· Zoro Grim Reaper situation

· World Government/Marine fleet around to Wano + marines spotting Big Mom’s ship

· Oden’s journal

· whereabouts of Vivi, Sabo, Kuma, X Drake, Caribou

· Sabo being the leader of revolution across the world + more details about what happened at the Reverie + why did he “kill” Nefertari Cobra

· attempted assasination of Saint Charlos + why did Saint Mjongard excuse the criminals

· te God’s Knights

· Shanks passing by Wano + going after the One Piece + mysterious abilities + going after Bartolomeo

· Cross Guild – how did it form, how did Buggy take charge, why did Crocodile and Mihawk join + Marine Bounties

· Bounties of Straw Hats, Cross Guild, Revolutionaries

· Big Mom and Kaido’s fates

· Man marked by Flames

· Bounties of Straw Hats, Cross Guild, Revolutionaries

· Big Mom and Kaido’s fates

· Old Wano

· Germa and Caesar Clown escaping Totto Land + who visited Chocolat Town

· Next Island after Wano

The Final Task Roger assigned to Whitebeard

The Misunderstanding about Hiyori in Chapter 1057