The Last Person to join Luffy and complete the Straw Hat Pirates Crew!


2- Nefetari Vivi

I will be spending the rest of the post discussing why I think Vivi will join and giving responses to some common criticisms as to why she won’t join.


Vivi is already a Straw Hat

In the Vivre Cards she is listed as a Straw Hat. Most of the crew know who Vivi is and have a relationship with her. Franky, Brook and Jinbe are the only ones to have not met her. Having Vivi come back would allow her to feel part of the crew more naturally. Vivi joining again could mirror her initial voyage. Vivi joined first at the very start of the Grand Line, if she joins again she would join at the very end of the Grand Line. One of the first islands they sailed together to had Giants. Where are the Straw Hats possibly going in the next island or two? Elbaf.

Wapol leaked something to Morgans

We know Wapol had big news to report to Morgans. A common theory, and what I beileve, is that Wapol told Morgans that Vivi used to sail/be a Straw Hat Pirates. He is one of very people to know this and with Nefetari business in the front and center of the World News recently he may be trying to capitalize on this to defraud them.


Vivi would never abandon Alabasta

This is true, Vivi’s main goal is the protection of Alabasta. But what if being there would endanger the country? We see that Imu has taken an interest in Vivi for some reason. Vivi is currently missing which makes me think that she has to go in hiding/undercover to protect Alabasta from being attacked or protect herself. What better place to to be protected than with a Yonko?

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Laugh Tale and different conclusions

Rayleigh states that the Straw Hats may come to a different conclusion than the Roger Pirates did after reaching Laugh Tale. I think part of the reason could be because they have someone from the Nefetari Family instead of a Kozuki. Perhaps having Vivi learning the history of her family and why they were a part of the Twenty Kingdoms and why they chose not to ascend would paint the true history in a different way from the Kozuki who were/or allied with the Great Kingdom. This could lead the Straw Hats to a different conclusion than the Roger Pirates had.


Vivi is too weak to join

This is the most common argument I see against Vivi joining. While I think she would be the weakest on the crew, Oda can make her as strong as is needed. He could say that she trained the past two years to protect Alabasta from people like Crocodile. He could have her eat a powerful devil fruit. Or he could just have her be weak and not really participate in fights. I think strength is the weakest reason to give for a character not to join.

Vivi has no role on the crew

This is true. I really can’t think of a fitting role for her. We saw her in the crow’s nest on the way to the Reverie so my mind immediately jumps to look out, but that doesn’t fit her the same way it fit Carrot. It’s possible she might not have a role and will just be labeled as a princess.

Where is Vivi now?

Most likely with Sabo who will bring Vivi to the Straw Hats for protection so he can keep on liberating countries. If she doesn’t join the crew then I would assume she’d be a part of the Revolutionaries, helping to free countries until it is safe to return home.

Theories/Fun Facts – These next few are fun facts/theories that I think would be neat if Vivi joined.

Vivi’s specific number is 5.5

All the Straw Hats have a specific number associated with them. Luffy is 1, Zoro is 2, Nami is 3, so on and so forth each Strawhat all the way up to Jinbe who is 10. In SBS 76 Oda revealed that Vivi’s number is 5.5. Double that number since it will be the second time she joins and what do you get? That’s right 11! Coincidentally that’s the number that the next Straw Hat would be given.

Vivi has a lot of panel/chapter appearances

Despite appearing mainly in the Alabasta saga Vivi has comparable panel/chapter time to other StrawHats. The data is a bit outdated but I don’t think the standings would change too much as it is mostly Wano characters. Vivi now is probably between 15-25th in terms of panel chapter appearance, which is a surprising amount for how little she appears. See her total for panels up to Chapter 908.

All Straw Hats would be introduced pre-timeskip

If Vivi joins then all Straw Hats would have been introduced before the timeskip. It would be neat and gives us a stronger connection to the characters and more time with them.

*Theory by rcp24

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