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    Oda is subtly hinting at Luffy’s Awakening!

    There have been many speculations about the Awakening of Gomu Gomu No Mi devil fruit and why it was heavily guarded by the World Government 12 years ago. Here’s my thought on Luffy’s Awakening and the reason why Gomu Gomu No Mi is special. • We all know Luffy and Blackbeard are completely opposite characters in […] More

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    How One Piece Characters would look at 40 and 60 years old!

    1-Question: Odacchi, hello! I am a big fan of both Odacchi and Luffy. I have a question today for Odacchi! When he was a kid, Monkey D. Garp’s eyes were the same as Luffy’s, big and round. However, when he became an adult, they became narrow. So what about Luffy’s eyes? Once he turns 20, […] More

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    In this theory I’ll talk about a man that probably discovered Laugh Tale or went quite close to it and that with his adventures inspired many one of them the only known Pirate King Gol D. Roger. This man is MontBlanc Noland. Theory Noland lived 400 years ago in the One Piece Timeline and was […] More

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    New Dynamics among the Straw Hats with Yamato joining

    Chapters 1014-1016 are super interesting in terms of Yamato and possibility of a new Nakama. Let’s first talk about Chapter 1014 because I think this is a hint at what Oda is trying to do with Yamato’s Oden situation. A lot of people are interested in Joy Boy revelation because it hints that someone can […] More

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    Sanji, the Man the Marines will fear the most!

    As we have seen in latest chapter, the CP-0 agents in Kaidou’s fortress received a call from Rob Lucci, who revealed that battleships are positioned to initiate a World Government takeover of Wano Country should Kaidou fall. Additionally, Lucci ordered his comrades to capture Robin.  I bet Nico Robin will be very close to being captured by the Marines or CP0 (specifically Rob Lucci), […] More

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    Why Shanks’ Bounty is far more impressive than Big Mom and Kaido

    Recently, I have been seeing many people saying Shanks isn’t as strong as Kaido and Big Mom just because his bounty is less compared to them. This is wrong. Firstly, Bounty does not mean the strength of the particular pirate alone. It is a combination of stuff like Strength, Political Power, Influence, Allies, Actions taken […] More

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    The Reason why Shanks is collecting Devil Fruits

    The jist of this theory is that Shanks is collecting Devil Fruits and storing them somewhere (Red Hair Pirates’ Headquarters?) to prevent people from eating them and using them for “evil” purposes, whatever evil purposes may be in his eyes. The following points are things I have noticed in the story that support this theory. […] More

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