A Small Detail You May Have Missed!


I think Oda dropped a huge hint regarding the Void Century, and no, it has nothing to do with a Straw Hat.


Instead it’s a detail I feel has been glossed over. It’s the name of the castle: Pangaea.

For those unaware, all the continents on Earth used to be one, before tectonic shifts pulled them away, and that super-continent is called Pangaea.


Back before the Void Century, the islands of the One Piece world, at least those on the Grand Line, used to be one: The Ancient Kingdom. At the end of the Void Century, the world was remade by the new World Government.


There are some key pieces of evidence, and I’ll go over them in the order they were introduced to the series:

1) The weather of the Grand Line. It’s odd that the rest of the world has normal weather, and all the islands have their own magnetic pull. The idea is that they all came from one island originally.

2) Pluton: a battleship that was capable of destroying entire islands. Likely what would have fractured the Ancient Kingdom.

3) Oars. Oh, wait, that’s not his full name is it? That would be Oars “The Continent Puller.” Now, that’s a bit of an odd nickname, unless, of course, it’s literal.

So the idea at this point is that the Ancient Kingdom was shattered by Pluton, then Oars, likely made to do so as a slave and perhaps with others of his kind, pulled the pieces of the Ancient Kingdom apart, giving shape to the Grand Line. There was one other piece of evidence introduced before this latest one…

4) The Celestial Dragons, who, as this chapter reiterates, are “Descendant’s of this World’s Creators.” Yet another literal title, if their ancestors are the ones who reshaped the world of One Piece during the Void Century.

And that of course brings us to…

5) Pangaea: the name of the world when it was whole, and the name of the castle at the center of the Holy Land. Oda clearly picked this name for a reason, and it is not one that can be confused for something else. Located in the center of the seas, and once the center of the world, the founders of Mary Geoise, who reshaped the world, reside at Pangaea.

Whatever happened during the Void Century, I am confident that it involved the reshaping of the planet and the creation of the One Piece world as we know it.

*Theory by CarcosanAnarchist

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