All 10 Straw Hats are based on mythological figures


Nico Robin – Eve. The woman who bit from the fruit of knowledge. Seeking knowledge deemed taboo by the gods is Robin’s thing. Especially since Robin was seduced by “The Devils of Ohara.”


Brook – The Lich. In World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons, the Lich is the highest ranking undead creature. Capable of powerful magic as well as ice based powers.

Franky – Frankenstein’s Monster. Franky is both Frankenstein and the monster. Name is pretty obvious, but for those who need convincing, his weird body he made from scraps which gave him advanced powers is like dr. Frankenstein making a super powered monster of parts he found in the graveyard.


Nami – The Wicked Witch of the West. Nami is consistently called a witch and with a specialty in weather magic, I think she’ll eventually gain a new and improved tornado tempo as a stronger way of alluding to this.


Chopper – The Abominable Snowman. This one is obvious.

Jinbe – Jaws. Jaws is one of the most well known aquatic monster to date. Since Jinbe is a shark fishman helps; however, his tendency and skill of destroying ships is what strengthens this.

What do you all think?

*Theory by GreenLanturn73

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