At the end of the Egghead arc, the Five Elders will have accomplished almost all of their goals


First I want to start saying that the Gorosei are not going to be defeated during the Egghead arc, next let’s compare the goals of the Gorosei during Egghead Arc to that of previous villains such as Kaido and Big Mom.

During the Whole Cake Island Arc, Big Mom’s main goal was to kill the Vinsmoke and take the Germa Military. By the end of Whole Cake Island Arc, not only did Big Mom fail to kill the Vinsmokes and take their military technology but she and her crew even failed to capture or kill Jinbe and the Sun Pirates who all got away safely.

Then there is Kaido, during the Wano arc. Kaido’s main goal was the Onigashima Project which was to put Onigashima onto the Flower Capital. Not only did Kaido fail on that goal but he also failed to win the war against Luffy and the others, and he also failed to kill a single important named character.

Both Kaido and Big Mom’s goals all failed and they ended up achieving nothing. Now let’s compare that to the Gorosei during the Egghead arc.

Here are the main goals of the Gorosei: kill Vegapunk, as well as getting York, Punk Records, the Mother Flame, and of course stopping Vegapunk’s brodcast.

-First thanks to Kizaru, they were able to successfully kill off Vegapunk which was one of their main goals.
-The next thing they were able to accomplish was freeing York.
-They were able to even find the location of both the Mother Flame and Punk Records.
-But that’s not all they were able to accomplish, they even took down all the Pacifistas on the island.
-They also ended up freeing the Seraphims and the other Cipher Pol Agents.
-And finally even though they had trouble finding the source Vegapunk’s broadcast, but once they found out where the source was from, they immediately dealt with it. They were able to even stop the brodcast just in time before Vegapunk could say anything about the Will of D.

Also you can’t blame the Gorosei for taking this long to find the source of the brodcast, they had no idea that Vegapunk would do this and even York who is a Vegapunk herself at first didn’t know where the source was.
But once York found out where the source was and told the Gorosei, they were able to finally stop it.
In conclusion once this arc ends, the Gorosei will have accomplished their goals of killing Vegapunk, getting York, getting Punk Records, getting the Mother Flame, stopping Vegapunk’s brodcast just in time before he could say anything major about the Will of D or anything else.
And of course freeing the Seraphims to have on their side.

The only thing they will fail to accomplish are killing the Straw Hats which was obvious, failing to kill Bonney, failing to kill the Giants, and I think they will also fail to kill Lilith and Atlas.

So again when compared to the goals of the other previous villains from post timeskip such as Kaido and Big Mom, in this arc the villains have actually achieved more.

*by DarkWitch

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