Blackbeard’s Body and Darkness – His Biggest Secret Explained


Today I’m gonna tell you what I think regarding Blackbeard’s mystery. How was he able to eat 2 Devil Fruits and stay alive? As you know, Teach has eaten both Yami Yami no Mi (logia devil fruit of darkness), and Gura Gura no Mi (paramecia devil fruit of earthquakes).


There are 2 known theories about this subject, but it’s very easy to prove that both of them are incorrect:
The first one says that it’s a special ability of the Yami Yami no Mi, which lets him eat a second Devil Fruit. The second theory says that Teach had eaten a Devil Fruit even before the Yami Yami no Mi, which is the Mythical Zoan that makes him transform into a Cerberus (a three headed creature) and thus Teach can eat a Devil Fruit with each mouth of the three heads.

But think about it. The Gorosei themselves said that nobody had EVER eaten two Devil Fruits and stayed alive. These are the guys for whom the hyper-genius Vegapunk works. If there was an exception they would have known it. They were puzzled themselves for what Teach did, because no one can ever eat 2 Devil Fruits, as they said. Now if Teach had that Mythical Zoan fruit, he would die as soon as he eats the Yami Yami no Mi because it’s still the same body. As Jabura and Blueno from the CP9 said in Enies Lobby, eating 2 Devil Fruits is impossible because it will make one’s body explode. Same thing if it was a special ability of the Yami Yami no Mi. It’s still the same body so it would explode, or at least the Gorosei would know about it. Do you really think that Teach would know better than the Gorosei and Vegapunk ? Of course not.


Well, I think i figured out how Oda got inspired regarding Blackbeard. He was inspired by the real famous ottoman pirates: the Barbarossa brothers, or the Red Beard brothers, Khizir, Isaak, and Arudj.


Here’s the story: there were 3 brothers Arudj, Khizir and Isaak. Their mother was named Katarina (same as Blackbeard’s crewmate). The older one, Arudj, was a pirate while his 2 brothers were working with their father. After the father’s death, the two brothers joined Arudj and became pirates with him under the Crescent Moon flag. You know what is Catarina Devon from Blackbeard Pirates nicknamed? The Crescent Moon Hunter.

Blackbeard has 3 guns. Blackbeard Pirates flag features 3 skulls, and we all know that a pirate flag describes the captain.

Do you remember when Luffy, Zoro and Nami encountered Blackbeard in Jaya? Look what Luffy and Zoro said to Nami when she told them that HE might know the way to Skypiea:

Here’s another version:

Do you remember when Luffy met Blackbeard in Impel Down? Teach told him that “his haki has improved since the last time they met”. Have you ever thought about what the hell did Teach mean by that? I mean the two never fought before, so how could he know if Luffy’s haki improved or not? Did he mean Armament Haki? Of course not, because Yami Yami no Mi is the only Logia that you don’t need haki to hit its user. That’s what Teach called its weak point. So no point in saying that either. So here’s the answer: Blackbeard was talking about Luffy’s Observation Haki, because that’s how Luffy and Zoro knew, back in Jaya, that Teach is actually more than 1 person.

So here’s what i think about Blackbeard’s secret: Teach has 2 twin brothers. They are 3 in total. When he ate the Yami Yami no Mi, he was joined by his 2 brothers (Barbarossa parallelism). Teach used the ability of his fruit to “hide” his brothers inside him, that’s why they covered him before eating Whitebeard’s fruit. He had to let his brother out to eat the devil fruit. When you saw Blackbeard in Marineford with 2 different powers in each hand, the hand that used Whitebeard’s ability wasn’t actually Teach’s hand. It was his brother’s. Teach used Yami Yami no Mi to pull his hand inside him, and let out his brother’s hand. If you think that Teach uses a different Devil Fruit with each half of his body, I’m gonna prove you wrong:

Teach has the Gura Gura power is his right hand. Yami Yami in his left hand.
Now look at this:

The Yami Yami is now in his right hand, and he uses Gura Gura with his left hand.
Now look at Blackbeard’s right hand:

And compare it to this one:

The rings in his right hand disappeared.
Now have we ever seen the face of Teach’s twin brother? I really can’t tell, but if we actually did, he would be this one:

Teach has missing teeth. This one hasn’t.

So here’s the conclusion: with the power of his fruit of Darkness, Teach hides his 2 twin brothers inside his body. Darkness has no limits, he can pull his hand or leg or head inside and let out his brother’s hand or leg or head. They covered him in Marineford because he had to let his brother out to eat the fruit, and he didn’t want people finding out about his secret.

Teach ate the strongest Logia. His brother ate the strongest Paramecia. Now there’s the third brother left, and he’ll probably eat the strongest Mythical Zoan. As for how he could get the Gura Gura no Mi, easy. You just need to have a normal fruit with you (apple for example) while you’re standing next to the dying person. The devil will possess the normal fruit you have and there you go, you’ve got that person’s Devil Fruit (like we saw in Punk Hazard with Smiley’s fruit).

*Theory by Admiral Ryokugyu

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