Many people(myself included) have thought that Chopper’s monster point was actually his awakened form. However after reexamining monster point, as well as the Impel Down zoans, I have come to a better conclusion. Chopper’s monster point is only part of his awakened power. Let me explain.


I believe there are 3 stages of Awakening in a Zoan, with each stage getting stronger:

  1. species enhanced hybrid
  2. zoan enhanced hybrid
  3. selective enhanced hybrid

Why do i believe this? Well because of this:

The Impel Down guards: these guys are awakened zoans, however are complete idiots. They have maximized their animal qualities, however have little to no qualities of their own species(human). For some reason these awakened zoans act a lot like Chopper’s monster point. However there is one fundamental difference between monster point and Impel Down guards. Chopper was ALWAYS an animal, whereas the Impel Down guards were originally human. This leads me to the conclusion that there are 2 basic awakenings:

  • one that allows you to maximize the all qualities of the species you originally were;
  • one that allows you to maximize the all qualities of the species you can become when you are a zoan; this type of awakening will give you stronger and better abilities than the first type.

In addition i believe there is a 3rd Awakening that allows you to individually pick which quality is maximized in which way. For example. if you are a leopard zoan, you can maximize the human qualities of your hand allowing you to easily play instruments, while maximizing your teeth so that you can chew through metal. This 3rd form of awakening is the strongest.

This is why I believe that monster point is only part of Chopper’s final awakening, since monster point is a species ehanced hybrid(the weakest form of an awakening). However I believe that Chopper has almost unlocked his zoan enhanced hybrid. I believe this because when you compare certain points like kung fu point with arm & leg point as well as horn points, you will see that all of Chopper’s points(besides heavy and defense) have become more human.



So what will Chopper’s next 2 Awakenings be? Well I believe his zoan-enhanced awakening will be like a less muscular version of heavy point and will focus on the 2 strongest strengths of humans

  • the ability to learn
  • the ability to solve problems

This is why I believe that when in this new awakening, Chopper will have ability to learn anything almost instantly just by skimming through a book or watching something in action(kinda like Sharingan). Why is this point important. Well for one, this point basically makes him the smartest man in the world, allowing him to learn how to do complex things like robotics in less than a day(not saying he will learn robotics, but he could if he wanted to). This would allow him to learn every disease and every organic compound in a week MAX. This would allow him to create a cure for all diseases, allowing him to fulfill his dream; however i believe he will awaken his fruit way before the end of the series(he won’t fulfill his dream until he can find a special plant that only grows on Raftel, this plant will be the final ingredient to his ultimate medicine). However this point can also be used in combat. This point can be used to learn the fighting style of an opponent, then easily replicate it like a Sharingan.


I believe that once Chopper gains his zoan-enhanced awakening, he will learn every martial art(including Rokushiki) in about a day. He will then use his high intellect to figure out how to combine all these fighting styles to create the ultimate fighting style. Once he does this, he will figure out exactly how to change his body to maximize the full potential of Chopper’s ultimate fighting style. Then lastly he will use the selective enhanced hybrid awakening to enhance certain parts of his body to best fit this fighting style. In the end Chopper will be a badass street fighter, with his own ultimate “deer-style” martial art.

*Theory by Monkey D. Theories

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