Crocodile is Rocks D. Xebec’s Son


This is my Agenda Piece. That, Crocodile is Rocks D. Xebec’s son.

Big D. Smile

When Crocodile was sentenced to life in prison, he made sure to give his best smile for his mugshot.


A real D-Clan move, in my opinion. Maybe Mr.2 has the D, too?

The Sebek/Xebec Connection

Crocodile, as the Warlord who once protected Alabasta, is a representation of the ancient Egyptian guardian deity, Sobek. Sometimes spelt, ‘Sebek’. Phonetically, ‘Sebek’ and ‘Xebec’ sound similar. Sobek/Sebek most notably takes the form of a crocodile.

Another ancient Egyptian deity is Taweret, the hippoBlackbeard’s animal.

Taweret is sometimes depicted with a crocodile. Both being deities for fertility. And with the hippo and crocodile both being regarded as ferocious animals, ancient Egyptians sought Taweret and Sebek for protection.

On the cover page of Chapter 584, Oda drew Crocodile with 3 hippos. Blackbeard’s number is 3.


Blackbeard and Crocodile don’t know each other. Don’t care to know each other…


Yet, I still get the sense that there is something connecting them.

Doflamingo’s Foil

Doflamingo succeeded in his coup where Crocodile failed. Also, it seems that around when Doflamingo quit smoking, Crocodile went and picked up the habit…

In many, many ways, these two are polar opposites of each other.

Since Doflamingo’s backstory was well-fleshed out during Dressrosa, I say it’s possible to make some assumptions about Crocodile’s past. By assuming the opposite.

Doflamingo was born to loving, Celestial Dragon parents. Could Crocodile have been born to at least one member of the D-Clan who was evil? Xebec was pretty evil…

If Crocodile is a member of the D-Clan, that might explain why he and Dofy can’t play nice.

Rivals from birth, perhaps?

Parallels to Ace

Both Ace and Croc appeared to have been a pair of sour-patch kids when they were little. Ace would grow up to be quite sweet. As for Crocodile…

Confirmed Parallels:

Both Logia fruit users.

Both rose to prominence as rookies.

Both invited to join the Warlords as rookies.

And both clashed with Whitebeard…as rookies.

Possible Additional Parallel:

Maybe both had to hide their true names because of who their fathers were?

When Ace was born, he was named Gol D. Ace. But he was so ashamed of who his father was, he changed his name to Portgas D. Ace, after his mother. And that was probably for the best. Because as soon as it was discovered that Ace was the son of Roger, he was made Public Enemy #1.

Why exactly Crocodile stepped in to save Ace, we may never know.

But if Croc is the son of Xebec, he can’t exactly be out and public with it. So, he’s simply known to the world by his given name, ‘Crocodile’.

The World Government would attempt to wipe out Rocks D. Xebec’s bloodline just as they had done with Roger’s.

This could explain Crocodile’s hostility towards the World Government. And if Croc is Xebec’s kid, that might explain why Whitebeard never quite liked him.

Kingly Ambitions

Not here to suggest Crocodile could have conqueror’s haki. Not today, at least.

Xebec’s ultimate goal was to become King of the World. Crocodile’s aim is to develop a Military Superpower, which isn’t too far removed from Xebec’s ambitions.

38 years ago, the Rocks Pirates targeted God Valley. In the present timeline, the Cross Guild is targeting the Marines. Both instances are essentially acts of war against the World Government.

All Paths Leading to the Incoming God Valley Flashback

Garp the Hero is in Fullalead facing off against the Blackbeard Pirates.

Miss Buckingham Stussy is a confirmed former member of the Rocks Pirates.

Saint Jaygarcia Saturn is headed to Egghead.

So is a Blackbeard ship.

And lastly, Saint Figarland Garling, a former high-ranking official who once oversaw God Valley, was introduced.

Compared to all these other active plotlines, the Cross Guild plotline feels out of place. Almost pointless.

Unless…someone within the Cross Guild gets revealed to have a connection to Rocks/God Valley? And may have some memory of that era?

Crocodile would have been 8 years old when the God Valley Incident occurred. Maybe not old enough to fully understand what all was going on that day. But could’ve left a lasting impression that helped shape him into the villain he has become.

Elton John

Alright, this is kind of a dumb one. But in 1972, Elton John release a song called, “Crocodile Rock”.

Something of a delightfully melancholy melody.

I’m pretty sure the character, Inazuma, is partially inspired by Sir Elton John.

At least, I think of Elton John whenever Inazuma pops up…

So, maybe…possibly, Crocodile is named after an Elton John song?

*Theory by QueenFlowers91

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