Current Status of all Recent Events


Kidd arrives at Elbaf, home of the giants. It is said he is looking for the man marked by flames (Jaguar D. Sauro, as confirmed by Vegapunk, is heavily marked by flames) but encounters … Shanks


Shanks doesn’t really know what to do. Option #01: educate Bartolomeo; Option #02: Claim the One Piece; Option#03: Kick another one-arm-red-haired-scared-pirate.

After discovering that the empty throne is not so empty, Sabo was blessed with obliteration.


Vivi was rescued (along with Wapol) by Morgans. This unexpected party leaves me speechless


III. Egghead scene

Of course, Egghead is at full speed right now. I don’t know whether we are going on a tower defense arc or an escape one.

On one hand, Sentomaru is raising an army to defend the island

An admiral (Kizaru! Sentomaru’s uncle figure) is on its way with a GOROSEI Member

Caribou is also on the island. This man is pretty harmless, but he knows the whereabouts of 2 out of 3 Ancient Weapons

And there’s Kuma. He shows up in almost every chapter. He was rescued from Marygeoise, then fled Kamabakka Queendom to achieve whatsoever. His flashback is soon to be unravel.

Kid’s Secret to stand a chance against Shanks!

The Monster Trio Dynamic Is Wildly Misunderstood