Current Status of all Recent Events


Vegapunk is now imprisoned with many CP-XX members. He seems more mischievous than ever


IV. Long forgotten foreshadowing

With all of this in mind, I’m sure none of you forgot what we are also facing in a (not so distant ?) future.

There’s of course the Gran Fleet incident. Not to mention the war called by Whitebeard when he died ” And someday,bearing the weight of all these generations, a man will appear to challenge this world… Sengoku,you people of the World Government are living in fear of that great battle that will someday engulf the entire world… Though it has nothing to do with me… When somebody finds that treasure… The world will be turned upside down!”

And our beloved Enel ruling on the moon. May he come back on earth one day


Arlong’s sister Prophecy. Is Luffy going to destroy Fishman Island or is he going to hand over his straw hat ? Do we had other straw hats in the world ? (e.g Imu and his giant frozen straw hat). Who knows


Here it is.

What a thrill

SO MUCH HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. It seems everyone is converging, I think we are closer than ever to Marineford 2.0. But this time, we’ll be very familiar with every single soldier in this war. Remember when Blackbeard showed up with a new crew, when Shanks displayed his forces and introduced his nakama, when Whitebeard’s fleet disembarked. All these faces were new to us. We’re on the verge of experiencing something completely different. Can’t wait.

Anyways, I think I captured everything. Let me know if I forgot someone / something ? And please share your views on the future of One Piece, giving the number of actors at play !

*by Tibolegends

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