Have we already seen these 2 Characters during the Flashback of Big Mom’s Past?


As we know when Charlotte Linlin was 5 years old, unbeknownst to her, she was exiled from her homeland due to her uncontrollable behaviour causing much destruction, and her parents were forced to abandon her on Elbaf in the hopes that she would be taken in by Mother Carmel, lying to her that they would pick her up later.


After spending a long time on the shore, Linlin was taken in by Mother Carmel to the Sheep’s House, a place where she took care of children of any race or status.

As many noticed, one of these children is always seen wearing a particular mask, while the other belongs to the Longleg Tribe.


Now let’s take a small leap forward a few decades. With Doflamingo’s defeat and arrest, the World Government was having a hard time acquiring more weapons that originated from Wano Country through their primary intermediate. As a result, CP-0 agents went directly to Wano to negotiate with Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. The CP0 trio, which we’ve seen again in Chapter 1003, consists of a character who looks like a boss and then two tall henchmen.


Apparently we have already seen those two characters in the flashbacks of Big Mom’s past. Below you can see the image that compares the children and the two adult men, with characteristics that actually seem similar.

That totally makes sense since Mother Caramel was a child trafficker and CP0 would want loyal agents indoctrinated from childhood.

Considering the fact that Big Mom has top notch intelligence gathering capabilities and for some reason CP0 is always invited to parties, maybe the World Government has always had it’s top secret connections with Emperors; for sure there’s always an exchange for their services.
What do you think?

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