Does Luffy have the same Advanced Level of Conqueror’s Haki that Shanks demonstrated in Wano?


In Chapter 1055 we see Shanks in what looks like he’s communicating with Green Bull while using Conqueror’s Haki and simultaneously de-armoring him from a distance. We all know what this Haki does. To simply put: Conqueror’s Haki grants the user the ability to overwhelm and dominate the wills of others. It can only become stronger if the user themselves become stronger. And it really shows that he is communicating with Green Bull between panel 2 and 3, there’s a connection that was made. Notice the sound effect “キイイン”, implying something being snapped.


One small note that I’d like to point out was the official translation of Green Bull’s reply to Shanks is that, and you can ask this to any of your local Japanese friends for this. When the long-distance communication line through Conqueror’s Haki was successful, Green Bull replies understanding the Red Hair Pirates are close and asks his immobilizer, “そばにいんの か~?” or “Are you sure you should be here?”

That just gives a different meaning compared to the official’s. Whatever transaction was made between Shanks and the Five Elders must have been known to a selected few Admirals, or something else that the WG or the Five Elders planned to have Shanks stay far away from Wano. Whatever the case may be, Shanks shouldn’t be in Wano territory.


Now, my analysis is that Luffy has the idea of how to use this too . In Chapter 1044, this was what everyone was waiting for – the appearance of Joy Boy. Notice the black lighting around Luffy as he woke up and started laughing.


What peaked my interest was why was there Conqueror’s Haki being used when Luffy is obviously happy/excited, right after awakening his fruit. Its main use is to dominate and overwhelm the wills of others, so why? Well, it could just be due to the fact that 1. he doesn’t know how to control it in Gear 5 yet, 2. he is unaware that he’s using it subconsciously, 3. simply that the fruit itself is exhibiting its will (and boy, is it strong!), 4. other reasons that haven’t been thought of or 5. leave it to Oda-sensei. I would like to add what Rayleigh said that Haki is power to never doubt oneself.

So Luffy after awakening his fruit, knows and has the confidence that he can’t lose to Kaido now. This then led for his allies to detect his presence. And where was Luffy then? Up on the roof dancing around while Kaido was at the Live Floor, on the second floor, unleashing mayhem. Kaido’s men didn’t even know where the Haki was coming from until a giant hand came down from the sky and grabbed Kaido away.

And the distance between the two zones isn’t as short as what we see in the below image. It’s far and we know it took quite awhile for Luffy and Zoro to get up there.

That’s it for my very short analysis. The long-distance comms is possibly one of the applications of Advanced Conqueror’s Haki and Luffy has reached the level where he can stretch his Conqueror’s Haki to a distance. In time, he will able to use this in his base form. Most likely the same for Zoro and the other unconfirmed users as well in the future.

*Theory by SaltandPepperMix

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