“Drums of Liberation” were already heard several times in the story way before Chapter 1043!


Something I haven’t seen being mentioned here a lot, although Japanese fans are starting to catch on, is that the drums of liberation has been heard before in the story.


I don’t know what this means but SFX of “ドンドットット” / Dondottotto in Chapter 1043 was used a few times in the Skypiea arc (and not always in a positive way)

Chapter 1043. Drums of Liberation

Chapter 253


Chapter 300: Luffy’s silhouette reminds me a lot of the theories that says Luffy’s a uniter of two opposing forces (sun and moon).


Interestingly enough, it’s not always been used in a positive context. 400 years ago in Jaya, it was used during human sacrifice. Maybe that could mean that Sun God’s positive/negative energy comes in 400 yr cycles?

Chapter 287: first “god” mentioned in the list of gods they are making the sacrifice to is the “Sun God”. Since the whole ceremony is centered around worshipping the ancestors and bringing their spirits back to their homeland, this does seem to suggest that maybe Joy Boy / Sun God Nika was from Jaya, but left and never returned.

Chapter 289: Same drum is being heard. Also, the chapter’s name is “Full Moon”. It’s hard to not make the connection to Wano with all the Moon-themed motifs.

I also looked through a bunch of other party scenes and as far as I know, ドンドットット is only used in Skypiea before it’s mentioned in Wano. What does this mean?????

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