Enel Is A Former Celestial Dragon


Let’s start with the facts:

  • Enel doesn’t have wings, despite being seemingly one of the Sky People, which makes him quite an exception.
  • Enel didn’t think twice about destroying his hometown Birka, probably killing his parents in the process.
  • Enel has highly sociopath tendencies and is one of the rare villain in One Piece without any redeeming qualities. He has unmatched God complex.

Here the theory:

Enel is a Celestial Dragon lost child, which explains his sociopath tendencies, his god complex and his lack of wings. Probably went upstream randomly while in his baby carriage and got adopted by Sky People. He probably snapped when his parents told him he was from “elsewhere”, thus making him think he did belong to another place above the clouds.


That could be the reason why Oda has yet to draw him as a kid. The lack of wings would give his backstory away too much.

What do you think?

*by Debian47

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