Fujitora is the Mysterious Ally that Vegapunk mentioned in Chapter 1071


So, been reading a lot of the theories on who is the mysterious ally that Vegapunk is referencing in Chapter 1071, favourite of mine was it being Urouge, but having gone back and checked a few chapters I now actually think it’s Fujitora.


This seems a little out of left field, but hear me out.

What real, hard evidence do we have on who’s on the den den mushi? Well, not much, but one thing den dens do is take on the appearance of the caller on the other end, so let’s take a look at the design of the den den itself:

No apparent features, button dialer (as opposed to rotary as seen on many), this looks like a common ‘modern’ marine den den mushi, like what we see here with Koby calling X Drake:


Except that on Koby’s the numbers are written, and it’s taken the appearance of Drake a little bit (given he’s talking to Drake here). Now, as far as I’ve discovered, there are other den den mushis without the numbers printed on the buttons, but are generally themed in some other way (i.e. Bege’s den den, but if he’s calling the den den has a hat and cigar!).

However, Fujitora’s den den theming is the crossing on the eyes (conveniently hidden in Chapter 1071), but the give away is that it does not have printed numbers, I mean why would he need numbers when he’s blind?

Fujitora eyes on den den from Akainu’s view


On both ends the buttons aren’t printed

So this got me thinking, if this is indeed deliberate, to not have the numbers drawn, and it is in fact a den den mushi, then there’s a good chance it’s Fujitora’s own den den, but would that make sense? What do we know about Fujitora’s last known whereabouts?

As far as I know, the last chapter I recall with Fujitora was at the Reverie, where he’s hating on the 7 Warlords, and discussing his ban on marine islands… Where would Fujitora stay when not at sea if he cannot make port at marine islands? Well, Ryokugyu all but tells us in that chapter (905):

There you have it, my theory is that Fujitora has been living on Vegapunk’s island, he’s worked out some kind of deal, and is now being called in to betray the Marines. This also makes sense with the wording chosen ‘prepared for this order’ and so on.

If this is true, the only thing that makes this so strange for me is that it doesn’t quite make sense why he would betray the Marines now, so there must be some backstory.

This also could set up the next arc that Vegapunk escapes with Straw Hats and a showdown occurs on Egghead behind the scenes between Fujitora and Kizaru.

*Theory by slurtyferd

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