Garp is stabbed to death by Shiryu!


One Piece is finally returning with Chapter 1087 Spoilers after a one-month break. The story continues in Beehive Island with the fight between Garp and Kuzan. The chapter also features a flashback to Garp’s earlier days training with Kuzan before ending with a shocking casualty and a promise of what’s to come.


Chapter 1087 is titled “Battleship Bag”.

  • The full chapter takes place in Hachinosu, Garp vs. Kuzan/Blackbeard Pirates continues.
  • We can see a flashback about young Kuzan training with Garp, they used battleships as sandbags.
  • Garp is stabbed by Shiryu when he defends Koby.
  • Garp and Kuzan punch each other in their faces using Haki and creating a huge explosion.
  • At the end of the chapter, Garp is lying on the ground…

Garp: “Koby, don’t panic… Justice will prevail!!!”


Additional info:

  • Garp show advantage when he fought the other Blackbeard Pirates and after Shiryu sneak attacked Garp he smashed him to the ground with single punch.
  • Garp collapses at the end of the chapter but not shown defeated.
  • Next week, Color Spread for One Piece to celebrate its 26th Anniversary.

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