How Blackbeard will meet the Straw Hats on Raftel


I have the thought about this theory for a long time already and now I am finally writing it down. Let’s get right to it, have fun reading:

In order to Blackbeard really being at Raftel the same time that the Straw Hats are, we have to connect a few different points.


Of course it could just happen that Blackbeard is able to hear “the voice of all things” and decipher the Poneglyphs that way, but I feel like it shouldn’t and couldn’t happen.

Not only is it very unique thing to have, that after Gol D. Roger only Luffy happens to have, but there have been clues about a Poneglyph reader being caught and used to decipher them.


But as you can see, Robin is not in the slightest frightened of being captured. The other reason i dont believe Robin will be kidnapped for that is: it would be pretty boring to have Robin kidnapped for reading Poneglyphs again after the whole WaterSeven/EniesLobby arc. We also already had/have a “Straw Hat retrieval”-Arc with Sanji at the moment. If Robin was to be kidnapped it would be too repetitive.

What Nekomamushi says though does in fact sound like a set up for someone to capture another person capable of reading the Poneglyphs.

Momonosuke does not fall under the condition needed, since he was too young and is not capable to read it. His father is thought to be dead (dont think so, but its secondary). So there is only one person left that could be cpatured to read the Poneglyphs for Blackbeard that we as a reader know of: Charlotte Pudding (Three-eyes possess the ability to hear the “Voice of All Things”, which in turn would allow them to decipher and read the text on the poneglyphs, though they must awaken this ability through unknown means).


Two Questions probably come to your mind: How can Blackbeard kidnap Pudding? And why does he know, that she probably is capable of reading the Poneglyphs?

We will handle those questions one at the time.

How can Blackbeard kidnap Pudding?

Pudding at the moment is not only in Big Mom’s territory, but she is a daughter of Big Mom, how is it possible for another Yonkou to snatch Pudding away from Big Mom who put all her hopes in her daughter to be able to read the Poneglyphs at one point and enable her to become Pirate King?

The answer is pretty easy. Throughout the whole arc multiple things have happened over and over again.

Children of Big Mom have chosen their own will over obeying her orders and do as she pleases.

  • Chiffon has taken the side of Bege.
  • Praline has taken the side of Aladdin and the fishman Pirates.
  • Flashbacks of Lola had been shown were she is deciding for her own and not staying on the Island anymore.
  • Pudding has started to feel “bored” about how Big Mom behaves towards her and has started to act on her own (eg. shooting Reiju, baking the cake with two enemies of which one is a traitor)

We also have been shown that Pudding has always seen Lola as a role model and had a really good connection to her in flashbacks throughout the arc.

All this stuff together leads me to believe that Pudding won’t stay in Totland after the Whole Cake Island Arc, but will start a search for Lola.

She will start to look for Lola, because she admires her and because the Straw Hats were able to tell her and Chiffon that Lola is still alive.

If the search for her sister is successful or not is unimportant (Pudding finding Lola could set up her pirate group joining the Straw Hat Grand Fleet).

Next up is the other Question: How can Blackbeard know that Pudding as a Three-Eyed-Tribe person can read the Poneglyphs?

This one is pretty easy to answer. As of the SBS in Volume 82 we know, that Teach’s hobbies are gambling and historical research.

Not only did have a book about Devil Fruits and knew exactly what to look for (the Yami Yami no Mi) but he probably has quite some historical knowledge in general. If Big Mom does know about the Three-Eyed-Tribe Blackbeard probably does as well.

In conclusion: Blackbeard will kidnap Pudding to read the Poneglyphs and be at Raftel the same time as the Straw Hats will be, since he has historical knowledge and probably does know about the Three-Eyed-Tribe and a Poneglyph reader being captured is foreshadowed by Nekomamushi in Zou.

*Theory by ehmayex

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