How Luffy will overthrow Im-sama and the World Government!


Im-sama: The Great Divider


There is a bunch of theories about what Im-sama is but for this I just want to talk about Im’s goal and cycles. For this theory, I am using the term “World Government” to mean the Five Elders and Im. Not the Marines.

Celestial Dragons

How important are Celestial Dragons? For this section I want to talk about Celestial Dragons living in Mary Geoise and more importantly leaving Mary Geoise. We have seen a couple of examples of Celestial Dragons leaving Mary Geoise and coming to the normal world. The first example is in the Sabaody Archipelago arc, with Charlos and Shalria.


The main thing stopping normal people from punching Celestial Dragons on sight is the fear that an Admiral will come but that really doesn’t stop someone from hurting Celestial Dragons before that. The only real protection that Charlos had was his bodyguards which were easily taken out by Rayleigh’s Haki and Luffy just punched him in front of his guards without being blocked by his guards beforehand anyway.


The bodyguards were weak. Meaning that for someone who is so important that if they were attacked a Admiral would be summoned, they tend to have little to no immediate protection. Like where is CP0? They should be the main protectors of the Celestial Dragons when they leave but they rarely are seen protecting Celestial Dragons outside of Mary Geoise.

They showed up in Dressrosa and Wano but they are too busy to protect Celestial Dragons out in the world even though they are supposedly under the direct control of the Celestial Dragons? Let’s look at another example, Donquixote Myosgard, when he went to Fishman Island to get his slaves back, his entire ship and crew was destroyed by Sea Kings. How? Did no one in Mary Geoise think about sending competent people to go with Myosgard? No experienced captains or crew thought about warning them or know how to get to Fishman Island safely? Also notice that there really isn’t anything stopping people from killing him and pretending that it was an accident at sea. Basically, the only thing protecting Celestial Dragons in the real world is a pinkie promise that they won’t get killed.

And the last example, Donquixote Homing and his family. So you can leave Mary Geoise but you won’t be able to coexist with normal people because of the lingering hatreds which will lead to you and your family getting hurt even with good intentions. I think the message that the World Government is sending is pretty clear. “Don’t go down to the surface world. Stay where I can watch you. Under the “protection” of CP0 which just so happens to be assassins.” Also this is a real world reference to how Louis XIV (also known as the Sun King who thought he had divine right to rule) kept the families of his lords at his palace just to deter rebellion. Bonus example, notice how he says the Nefertari are traitors for leaving. Not for something they did. So even if you, a Celestial Dragon leave Mary Geoise and manage to coexist, you are still a traitor in the eyes of the other Celestial Dragons.

Basically, the Celestial Dragons aren’t as important as we are led to believe. They are allowed to leave but are left to their own devices if things go wrong. They can be killed. The point of them is to be as corrupt as possible and make it harder for people to trust nobility while being as separated from the surface world as possible. That is why they are publicly shown to be cruel and encouraged to do horrible things to people. So normal people see that and have distain for rulers. Further dividing up people. Why else would the World government that spends so much time trying to control their public perception allow Celestial Dragons to get such a horrible reputation?

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