How Rocks D. Xebec has influenced all Five Emperors




Rocks Pirates were the ones who essentially taught Kaido the ways of a pirate as he was just an apprentice on Rocks’s ship. Kaido doesn’t seem to mind infighting in his crew as long as he gets what he wants. This could be a shadow of a trait he picked up during his time in the Rocks Pirates as we know that the Rocks Pirates were famous for infighting.


Here’s where it gets interesting. Blackbeard has undeniable similarities to Rocks. Their general character, Blackbeard’s ship being called the Saber of Xebec, and the beehive island stuff.


Blackbeard is said to have a great interest in historical research. Maybe during one of his researches, he came across this tale of a monster called Rocks D. Xebec and was immediately captivated. Like Luffy is the carrier of Roger’s will, Blackbeard is the carrier of the will of Roger’s greatest foe, Rocks. Maybe Rocks was the previous user of the Yami Yami no Mi and Teach upon discovering this, set sail on Whitebeard’s ship to search for this fruit.



I, like many others have a feeling Shanks might be Rocks D. Xebec’s son.

  • Shanks is 39, so during the incident at God Valley, he would’ve been 1 year old. Rocks left behind an infant in God Valley, and Roger took him under his wing.
  • Whitebeard tells Shanks that the scar he received from “that guy” aches when he sees him. That guy, in my opinion, is Rocks. Since the crew was prone to infighting, Rocks could’ve had an altercation with Whitebeard.

But at the same time, you could argue that Shanks is not Xebec’s son. If he was, then he would be a carrier of The Will Of D.

If Shanks carried the D. initial, why didn’t Roger entrust the future to Shanks, ie; put him in the path to become Pirate King, and instead wanted to have a child?

Roger wanted to have a baby to pass on the D. initial, so that he could birth a D. to become the pirate king. If Shanks carried the will of D., then why didn’t Roger think Shanks, who he essentially raised, was going to be the pirate king?

Shanks might or might not be Rocks’ son. He is a wild card.

*Theory by letsgomina

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