How The Reverie Will Shake The World Of One Piece!


Having escaped the Big Mom Pirates, the Straw Hats are heading to Wano. However, before reaching their next target destination, the team will experience a brief detour to Reverie. Infact Chapter 903 will mark as the beginning of the Reverie arc. Since Chapter 903 will be coming out on 30th April 2018, I want to compile what could possibly happen during the Reverie Arc.


Topic #1 : The Shifting Balance of Powers

With the dissolution of the Whitebeard Pirates, the rise of several crews that could potentially rival a Yonko (supernovas and Blackbeard), the defeat/abdication of several Shichibukai, and the loss of power of established Yonko crews such as Kaido losing SAD and Totland being invaded by Rookies, the world has to be questioning the security of the reliance on such a system.


We especially know that leaders like Fujitora, Cobra, and Riku would be sore at the institution of Shichibukais as a whole, and might even push to end the practice. The Reverie would be the perfect forum for such a discussion.


However, w/o the warlords, the World Government misses part of their arsenal to keep peace on the seas. If they had Marine military strength that would make up for it, the Reverie would also be the place to showcase this. I’m imagining something like Pluton. If the World Government had acquired and started manufacturing Pluton ships, unveiling them here would impress or frighten anyone that would stand against them.

Topic #2 : The Petition of the Fishman Royal Family to formally join the World Government and move the Kingdom to the surface

We know they are attending the Reverie. We know that they wish to fulfill Otohime’s dream for her kingdom. I feel like this topic is a given, and also a real game changer if an island claimed by two different pirate crews, the Big Mom pirates and the Straw Hat pirates, all of a sudden went under World Government protection.

Topic #3 : Dragon and the Rebel Forces

I think we can be sure that if they talked about the growing threat that Dragon was at former Reveries, that he will also be a topic at this Reverie. His organization and influence has grown, and while we don’t know exactly what happened at Baltigo, they will probably still be discussed.

Topic #4 : The Poneglyphs and the True History

I believe that it was hinted that this is specifically what Cobra would like to discuss at the Reverie. They are a global mystery, and Cobra saw it as a mission more important than his life and country to protect the Poneglyph at Alabasta. I think he’s started to question what he’s protecting here, and for whom?

Topic #5 : Other international conflict

The Reverie has been presented as a hotbed of tension between powerful people with a variety of ideas. It would be the perfect place for Oda to introduce conflicts to the story is other seas with unintroduced characters that would affect the events of our protagonists.

*Theory by Milo

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