Kaido: God of War


Kaido is a pitiless warrior who loves battle, he wants to end the world with a great battle. This Yonko never misses an opportunity to advance on his enemies. He also is seemingly immortal as all of his executions fail and he attempts suicide so he could see what happens. Kaido physicality is of the best we’ve seen in One Piece, his strength and durability is levels above almost anything in the series. He loves Zoans for some reason and wants to create an entire army of them, his epithet is also “King of Beast”.

Kaido is huge, does not compromise, has extreme mood swings, and it is almost certain that he will never lose a 1v1 fight.

Kaidos three right hand men are dubbed the disasters. The one revealed so far is named Jack and his epithet is “The Drought”(a lack of water in an area).

He got that name because the annihilation that follows after he shows up looks as if the land has a drought. Kaidos other 2 disasters will have epithets that are similar or they wouldn’t be dubbed the disasters. It should also be 2 men and 1 women as his disasters if we go by the card theme of his crew. Kaido is also theorized to be based off of the real life Mongol leader Kaidu, who’s daughter could not be beaten in battle and was at his side during war.

Ares is the Greek God of War. Battle and Chaos feeds him and is said to make him stronger. He is seen as unstoppable on a battle field and is feared as a warrior and causes casualties wherever he goes. In varied adaptations he is immortal just as all the Olympian Gods and can’t be killed by normal means; His soul can heal himself from the tension created out of blood lust, his armor is nearly indestructible, he is super strong, can produce fire, and morph into other beings.

Ares is abnormally large, very decisive, master of combat, fearless in battle, goes after what he wants, and has a sky high temper. Ares usually does not lose unless he is fighting another beast or when he is fighting a team of other Gods

Ares has three children who go with him to war, Phobos(the embodiment of fear), Deimos(the God of Terror), and his daughter Adrestia. She is the Goddess of equilibrium, revolt, retribution and the balance between good and evil. She is seen as a war figure like her brothers.

Everything shown of Kaido so far is a description of Ares. All of these parallels lead me to believe that Kaido has the Mythical Zoan, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Ares

If Kaido doesn’t have this fruit than he is based off of Ares.

This also feeds the idea that one of his Disasters is a woman and it’s his daughter. Kaidos Calamities seem as if they are inspired by Ares three children because they all have names that imply that encountering them is dangerous. Also gives more connection to Kaido and Ares.

Side Theory
I think the name ‘Beast Pirates’ came from the idea that Kaido would like all of his crew to be able to transform into any animal, just as he can. That’s the reason he wants all of the smiles. It also gives a mystic that his crew is savage just as he is and beast doesn’t have to mean a literal animal, it can mean someone who is menacing or really good at something(battle). The title ‘Beast Pirate’ is figuratively and literally applicable. True for Kaido and Ares.

*Theory by AnonymousStrawHat

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