Kizaru is going to be replaced by the Orange Admiral


I’ve noticed that there exist 3 patterns regarding the two new Admirals – Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

  • Color Pattern
  1. Fujitora means Wisteria Tiger; Wisteria being a shade of Purple.
  2. Ryokugyu means Green Bull.

Purple and Green are both Secondary Colors the last one being Orange.

  • Devil Fruit Pattern
  1. Fujitora has a Paramecia devil fruit named Zushi Zushi no Mi that lets him control Gravity.
  2. Ryokugyu has a Logia devil fruit named Mori Mori no Mi that lets him create, control, and transform into plant life at will.

Paramecia and Logia are both types of devil fruit, the last one being Zoan.

  • Goroawase Pattern
  1. Fujitora’s Zushi Zushi no Mi has a number pattern of 44 having Zu = 4 and Shi =4.
  2. Ryokugyu’s Mori Mori no Mi has a number pattern of 66 having Mo = 6 and Ri = 6.

Going by these number patterns, the last one could either be 22, 55, or 88

The previous set of Admirals – Aokiji, Akainu and Kizaru – have patterns too.

  • Color Pattern
  1. Aokiji means Blue Pheasant.
  2. Akainu means Red Dog.
  3. Kizaru means Yellow Monkey.

Blue, Red, and Yellow are Primary Colors.

  • Devil Fruit Pattern
  1. Aokiji’s Hie Hie no mi is a Logia Devil fruit that lets him control, create and transform into ice at will.
  2. Akainu’s Magu Magu no mi is a Logia Devil fruit that lets him control, create and transform into magma at will.
  3. Kizaru’s Pika Pika no mi is a Logia Devil fruit that lets him control, create and transform into light at will.

Their devil fruits correspond to specific features of land (molten rock), sea (frozen water), and sky (sunlight).

  • Animal Pattern

In Momotaro legends, there are three animals who assisted him in his journey – pheasant, dog and a monkey.


Knowing that the previous Admirals were written in a way that they fit into patterns, it is also not impossible that the next set of Admirals will be written to fit into a pattern too. However, Kizaru is still an Admiral. This will only mean that he will soon leave his position and he will be replaced by a new Admiral bearing the Orange theme color.

By using the patterns existing for the two new Admirals, Fujitora and Ryokugyu, the new Admiral will have the charactersitic of the following:

An orange color pattern fitting the Secondary Color Theme with a Zoan devil fruit bearing either the numbers 22, 55, or 88.

  • Why would Kizaru leave his position?

Going from the plot, the only that would make sense is the rise of the new era. There is a new Yonko defeating the Emperors who have reign for so long. There Shichibukai has been replaced by their young counterparts – the Seraphim. The Revolutionary Army’s most popular member is now young Sabo – the Flame Emperor. It will also not be surprising if the Marines will have one or two members that will be part of this new generation.

  • Who is likely to be the next Admiral? My best bet is Vice Admiral Doll.
  • It is likely that she is extremely strong being the lead Marine officer to be in-charge of G-14, the closest marine base to Vegapunk’s base of operation.
  • G-14 is also near two Yonko territories – Kaido and Blackbeard.
  • It seems that she is also has a black hair which is a popular theme to Zodiac-Named Admirals and Vice Admirals.

On this part, I would theorize on what devil fruit power is the Orange Admiral likely to have.

There is a mythical creature from Japanese mythology called Raiju meaning “Thunder Beast”. it is said to normally take the form of a wolf or dog but it can also take the forms of tanuki, fox, weasel, rat, squirrel, or deer to name a few. It is the companion of the Shinto God of Lightning, Raijin.

We must remember the the Admiral must have a Zoan type devil fruit with a number of 22, 55, or 88. Taking the Raiju creature into account, the devil fruit will be: Nezu Nezu no Mi, Model: Raiju. In this devil fruit, Raiju will take in the form of a rat that can produce lightning. Nezumi is the japanese for Rat; Nezu’s number pattern is 22 – Ne = 2 and Zu = 2. In goroawase, Zu can be read as 2 and 4.

Are you familiar ot the Pokemon Raichu? Raichu’s name is actually a pun for the Japanese creature Raiju. Raichu is also based on a rodent, most likely a mouse. However, his pre-evolved form, Pikachu is based on a squirrel.

  • Code Name

The most likely codename this Admiral will have is Shurisu meaning Cinnabar Squirrel. Cinnabar is a shade of Orange and Squirrel is a type of rodent. Squirrel is used in reference to Pikachu which is the pre-evolved form or Raichu. Cinnabar for having the closest color to Raichu.

Thank you for making it this far and I apologize for making this such a long post.

*Theory by tra-guy330

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