Kuina is Alive and she’s the Swordsman of the Revolutionary Army


Kuina is alive? Did she fake her death?


Ok I know what you’re thinking, she’s dead!! They buried her but in a world where there are infinite possibilities why can’t there be a girl who can fake her death to go out to the world to achive her dream??

Why would Kuina leave her Home?

“One of us must become the number one Swordsman of the World!!”

So she just fell down the stairs next day and died leaving Zoro to just go and become the strongest?? No it doesn’t make sense. But her leaving would make more sense: her goal was to become the best and she was denied the opportunity to become the best by her father just because she was a girl!
Fact/Speculation: One night Koshiro discussed about Zoro’s progress with a fellow teacher and was confident that Zoro would one day surpass Kuina. Kuina, having overheard this conversation, became outraged saying that she will be the world’s greatest swordsman. Koshiro stated that as a woman, Kuina cannot be the world’s greatest swordsman.

So where would she go?



Who takes in kids to train them to fight for the future?? Monkey D. Dragon!
Well, here’s a fact: It is revealed that, at least once, the Isshin Dojo helped the Revolutionaries by providing them food and supplies. A man with a large face was seen? EMPORIO IVANKOV


Ivankov went to the Dojo!!
Speculation: He saw Kuina’s skills and was impressed by the young prodigy.
Also Kuina could have gone to Ivankov after her dreams were shattered by her father and asked Ivankov to let her come aboard.
But the Revolutionaries would have gotten into trouble if they just randomly took her because she was a kid who did not have her fathers approval.
So.. She faked her Death? How? I have an idea…

A deal with Emporio Ivankov

If she just ran away they would have tracked her down but if she was dead she could have escaped with ease.

So what was the plan?

Speculation: For her to play dead until her burial was complete so Ivankov can take her body in time to be able to bring her back.

How is this possible? Ivankov’s Devil Fruit Power!

Ivankov create and manipulate special hormones. These hormones can manipulate various aspects of a person such as gender, body temperature, pigmentation, growth, and even emotional state.

Theory: Ivankov used his ability on Kuina – Did he manipulate her body’s temperature?

Fact: If Body Temperature = 50°C -Death within a few hours
If Body Temperature = 60°C -Death within several minutes
If Body Temperature = 70°C – Death within several seconds
If she met Ivankov at Dragon’s ship she would take few minutes to go back to the dojo, let’s just say few hours to get her prepared, so after Ivankov manipulated her body’s temperature she goes into the dojo and prepares herself and then she passed out when she went up the stairs and Koshiro would think that she’s dead when he checks so they’ll take body after she was buried and Ivankov brought her back.

Personal View: the fact that Kuina died around the same time when Ivankov, the only person who can actually help someone to fake a death, is not just a coincidence it’s a huge foreshadowing that she faked her death and that she could still be alive.

Is she currently with the Revolutionaries?

Straw Hat Pirates have Zoro. Kid Pirates have Killer. Marines have Fujitora. The Shichibukai have Mihawk. Red Hair Pirates have Shanks and Whitebeard Pirates have Vista, so who does the Revolutionaries have?
I think that the Revolutionaries have separate divisions and it’s possible that there is a special division for Swordsmen. So who’s the Leader of this divison?

When will she appear?

Kuina will appear in Wano. If the Revolutionaries decide to send someone to Wano it’d most likely be Kuina since she could be their strongest swordsman.


Zoro will most likely be mad that she faked her death and broke their promise but he could be glad that she’s alive so they can continue their quest and that he could finally break her unbeatable record and make it 2001-1
She could also play the role of an Ally in Wano like how Sabo was in Dressrosa.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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