Latest Chapter confirms that there is an Imposter in One Piece!


Since 2018, we’ve questioned the panel of Shanks meeting with the Gorosei in Chapter 907. Why was he able to meet with them? How did he maneuver through Mary Geoise? Who was the pirate they needed to talk about? All of these questions have been on our mind for years and Oda has yet to reveal anything that would give us better insight on this conversation.


However, what if I told you that maybe the story is beginning to unravel. What if I told you that there is an imposter among those in the panel from Chapter 907. I have reason to believe that the person who talked to the Gorosei isn’t actually Shanks…

Shanks has appeared in Chapters 1, 19, 234, 434, 506, 552, 579, 580, 590, 903, 907, 958, 1054, 1055, 1059, and 1079 (not including flashbacks).

In not a single one of those chapters did Oda fail to draw the scar on Shanks’ face, or decide not to show it. Even from angle where we can partially see his face, Oda still decides to draw the scar. Whenever Shanks appears, Oda focuses on showing the scar specifically.

I’m not able to post every panel of Shanks, but check for yourself and tell me if you see any other chapter where his scar does not appear (besides flashbacks).

Was this a choice by Oda to add mystery during the conversation with the Gorosei? Or was this deliberately drawn this way to hide the fact that this possibly isn’t Shanks? I’m gonna go with the former based off an answer from Oda.

Another thing is, never is it referred to that this is Shanks. There is no narrator box, the Gorosei don’t call him “Red-Hair” or Shanks. Usually when a big meeting like this happens there is confirmation of who is in the panel.


I think the man that talks with the Gorosei is none other than one of the 9 God’s Knights, specifically the one standing in the middle.


I’m not sure if it’s another case of cloning, or a twin… But what I do know is that Oda has never failed to draw/show Shanks without his scar in any chapter he has appeared in.

*Theory by tusstaster

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