Latest Chapters confirm that Kaido will die!


I have never been too keen on the idea of Kaido dying, honestly I’m still not 100% on board, but after the most recent development I have started to believe in Kaido’s demise.


There has never been a villain that Oda has been hammering over our head he needs to die. The only question on my mind was: How does he die? I find it hard imagining Luffy killing him as he never done anything like that before. Well, the answer to that is actually so simple and has been right in front of us for a long time.

Why Kaido Dies

Kaido’s Goal is no secret. He wants to start the Greatest War the World has ever seen and presumably die glorious death while fighting that war. But there lies the issue.


In this SBS, Oda explains how Luffy doesn’t kill his enemies but rather destroys their dreams, which is a fate worse than death according to Oda. So naturally, If Kaido’s dream is to die glorious death in the World’s Greatest War the only logical thing for Luffy to do is not kill him but just beat him, right?

Yes and No. Kaido’s actual dream is to be Joy Boy, someone who is said to bring Great Change to the World!


When Kaido met Albert, it seems like he was pretty sure HE himself is the Joy Boy. He claims he is the only one who can change the World, something we were told Joy Boy will do. More recently, this enthusiasm he had is nowhere to be seen. Nowadays, Kaido is a depressed alcoholic that seems to spend most of his time drinking and crying.

What happened between these two moments? Something that made Kaido, abandon his dream and sent him into his alcoholic depression stage. He is now actively looking for other people that can be Joy Boy, someone else that will fulfill his dream.

In his introduction we got the information of Kaido searching for a place to die. We assume this to be true.

So when we got this panel we also assumed that what Kaido meant by this is that Wano is the place where he dies, where this “War” is going to take place.

But no, Kaido isn’t in Wano to die glorious death, he is in Wano waiting for Joy Boy. He spent over 20 years trying to become him and eventually waiting for someone else to become him.

His realization that he couldn’t fulfill his dream is what made him depressed, alcoholic and suicidal. Luffy will completely destroy Kaido’s dream once he defeats Kaido and becomes what he never could, holding true to what Oda said.

How Kaido Dies

In Chapter 795 we get the famous Kaido introduction speech. In that speech we are told many things about Kaido that are impossible, but over time and one by one, those things have been disproven.

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