Luffy Has a Different Personality When He’s in Gear 5 Form!


While rereading Chapter 1044 and 1045, I strongly felt like something about Luffy’s personality was off and different when in Gear 5, so I wanted to point out some observations I made.


I believe that Gear 5 somehow influences Luffy’s personality. How? It might be the will of the fruit, we’ve learned that Zoans have their “own will”. It might also be the will of Joy Boy.

The main thing that you’d notice is Luffy seeming like he’s not really taking the fight seriously. Let’s just look at how he acted during the fight before Gear 5:

Luffy 100% knows what’s on the line


He feels pressure since he’s about to run out of energy


Again, he knows how high the stakes are

He even got mad at Kaido for fooling around and being drunk. Basically what he is doing now. When Luffy turns into Gear 5, he starts laughing uncontrolled and even in a different way: normally his laugh is shi shi shi shi – now his laugh is also ha ha ha ha. As he said himself, he’s laughing because he finds his heartbeat “funny”.

“funny” heartbeat

different laughter

Also, I can’t really tell why, but something felt off about him in this panel to me. The way he is laughing and covering his eyes really has some psycho/crazy vibes. While in his Gear 5, his whole style of fighting obviously changed, but also his attitude and persona are completly different.

He doesn’t care

Luffy’s Gear 5 shares many similarities with Enel’s Goro Goro No Mi!

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